Prepare for Daylight Savings Time

Daylight Saving Time comes around quickly each year in New Zealand and Australia. See the tables below for more specific details of Specific Dates.

The following States and Territories do have Daylight Saving:

  • New South Wales
  • Victoria
  • ACT / Canberra
  • South Australia
  • Tasmania

You can refer to the tables below for more information of DLS start and end dates over the coming years up to 2019 for both Australia and New Zealand!

Start DLS later in 2014: For those interested in when daylight savings starts later in 2014 this is for you. :-) Before you head to bed on Saturday 4th October 2014 you need to move all of your watches and clocks forward 1 hour in Australia. This same procedure needs to be done on the night of Saturday 27th September 2014 if you live in New Zealand. This will ensure all of the times are correctly set to DLS time when you awake Sunday morning 28th September 2014 in NZ or 5th October 2014 in Oz.

End DLS 2015: Before you go to bed on Saturday night 5th April 2015 (in both New Zealand and Australia) you need to set all of your clocks and watches back 1 hour.  So when you get up on the morning of Sunday 6th April 2015 your clocks will all show the correct time. Note: smart phones, computers and other electronic equipment may already have inbuilt DLS settings and so you may not need to manually change the time on these devices.

These are the important dates to mark on your calendar if you live in one of these areas of our nation. This table shows important Australian Daylight Savings dates up to 2019.

 Aust Start DLS Year  Start DLS Date  Aust End DLS Year  End DLS Date
 2011  Sunday 2 Oct   2012  Sunday 1 April
 2012  Sunday 7 Oct   2013  Sunday 7 April
 2013  Sunday 6 Oct   2014  Sunday 6 April
 2014  Sunday 5 Oct   2015  Sunday 5 April
 2015  Sunday 4 Oct   2016  Sunday 3 April
 2016  Sunday 2 Oct   2017  Sunday 2 April
 2017  Sunday 1 Oct   2018  Sunday 1 April
 2018  Sunday 7 Oct   2019  Sunday 7 April
 2019  Sunday 6 Oct   2020  Sunday 5 April

At 2am on Sunday 5th October 2014 the clocks in the States and Territories above all need to be moved forward an hour to 3am.

3am is Start of Daylight Savings TimeThe easiest way to remember to do this is before retiring for the night on Saturday 4th October 2014, just set your clocks an hour faster. This way when you awake on Sunday morning your clocks will all be set correctly.

Then in 2015 you will need to set your clocks back an hour at the end of Daylight Savings time. So at 3am on April 5th 2015 the clocks need to be turned back to 2am.

So before going to bed on Saturday 4th April 2015 move your clocks all back one hour and you will be all set with the correct times when you get up on Sunday morning the 5th of April 2015.

The States and Territories that do not currently have DLS are:

  • Queensland
  • Western Australia
  • Northern Territory

It is also important to keep Daylight Savings in mind when you are travelling between different states as it can become confusing if you are not aware of the different times in each area.

This can especially become a problem in areas such as the Gold Coast that does not currently have Daylight savings and yet is on the border with Tweed Heads, in NSW, that does have Daylight saving time.

If you mark the dates above in your calendar, then you should be fine and not become confused with the time differences.

Daylight Savings Time New Zealand

New Zealand also has daylight, but the dates are slightly different from Australia, but also involves moving the clocks forward an hour at the start of the season.

  NZ Start DLS Date   NZ End DLS Date
 Last Sunday in September
  First Sunday in April

So if you are in New Zealand, or travelling to New Zealand then do the following:
Last Sunday in September: Put all clocks forward One hour on the last Saturday night in September, before retiring to bed.
First Sunday in April:  Put all clocks back One hour on the Saturday night that occurs just before the first Sunday in April, before you go to bed that Saturday night.

 NZ Start DLS Year  Start DLS Date    NZ End DLS Year  End DLS Date
 2011  Sunday 25 September     2012  Sunday 1 April
 2012  Sunday 30 September     2013  Sunday 7 April
 2013  Sunday 29 September     2014  Sunday 6 April
 2014  Sunday 28 September     2015  Sunday 5 April
 2015  Sunday 27 September     2016  Sunday 3 April
 2016  Sunday 25 September     2017  Sunday 2 April
 2017  Sunday 24 September     2018  Sunday 1 April
 2018  Sunday 30 September     2019  Sunday 7 April
 2019  Sunday 29 September     2020  Sunday 5 April

Updating Your Clocks & Devices

Change Clock Times for Daylight SavingsNote that there are many devices that you will need to change the time on. Some electronic items, such as mobile phones and computers, may already have inbuilt settings that will adjust for Daylight savings automatically, if you have set it up for this automatic update.

Devices to update time on may include:

  • Wall Clocks
  • Watches
  • Mobile Phones
  • Clock radios
  • Car Clocks
  • DVD players
  • Microwave ovens
  • Computers
  • Electronic refrigerators

This list is not exhaustive, but does give an indication of the quantity and kinds of items that you need to keep in mind when allowing for daylight savings time changes.

You can also see a World Map of time zones here showing the places with Daylight savings time in the Southern Hemisphere shown in light green and the Northern Hemisphere shown in yellow.

A must see place to the west of Auckland, New Zealand, is the gorgeous Bethells Beach. Its pristine black, fine sand is a pleasure to walk on a stunning to see!

It is a pleasant drive of approximately an hour from Auckland’s CBD. Bethells is situated on the West Coast of NZ at the mouth of the Waitakere River. As you stand on the shimmering black beach you are looking out into the refreshing Tasman Sea. The sight alone is truly invigorating and peaceful at the same time.

Keep in mind that the waters surrounding Bethells Beach are very treacherous and are best to avoid unless you enjoy surfing. Even then be sure to have a friend with you at all times to assist if you find yourself in trouble.

There are many places that you can walk along the beach, around the dunes and over the surrounding hills.

O’Neills Bay is just a short walk over one of the small sand dunes and offers stunning views. This would also be a perfect spot for a quite, peaceful picnic with the family or that special person in your life.

If you bring the kids with you then you can join others and bring a couple of kites to fly. The wide open sandy beach provides a perfect location for flying kites that soar up high into the sky with the refreshing sea winds. The prevailing westerly winds assist in keeping the kites up and taking them high up into the crisp sea sky.

Many people come to enjoy physical activity and surf or parasail, while others just enjoy the feeling of refreshing that comes from the fresh sea air and the beautiful surroundings.


Free public beach that is open to all visitors.


North of Piha on West Coast
At the Mouth of the Waitakere River
West of Auckland
New Zealand

Bethells Beach Location Map:

View Larger Map

Popular Activities:

Many thousands of visitors flock to this pristine area on New Zealand’s west coast each year. With many different activities and pastimes to occupy everyone from the youngest to the oldest visitor.

Some of the popular things to do at Bethells Beach include:

  • Surfing
  • Fishing – be careful of any rogue waves when fishing from the rocks! Many fisherman have lost their lives due to the treacherous waters. So take extra care!
  • Flying kites
  • Parasailing
  • Hang Gliding
  • Walking on the beach
  • Bushwalking – boardwalks provided in some areas
  • Picnics with family and friends
  • Sunbathing
  • Swimming – but be aware that the waters are dangerous and so swimming is not advised.
  • Skimboarding – has recently become popular with some of the younger visitors.
  • Relaxing
  • Reading that long awaited book you have sitting next to your bed!
  • Viewing Gorgeous Sunrises over the rocky and sandy beach



Te Puia Thermal Reserve NZ

The Te Puia Thermal Reserve can be found in New Zealand’s thermally active region of Rotorua. If you enjoy seeing and experiencing the thrill of bubbling mud, pressurized steam and shooting geysers then this is certainly one place that you need to visit on your next holiday in New Zealand’s North Island.

Te Puia Guided Tour:

One of the best ways to enjoy all that Te Puia thermal springs has to offer is to take advantage of the free guided tour that is included with your entry ticket. This way you not only get to see everything in the park, but you also get a local’s perspective on the Te Puia thermal park and the history and culture of the region and the maori people.

Check out the Maori men working in the school of carving. You may even be fortunate, as we were, to hear them singing some local Maori songs as they happily did their individual wood carvings.

The school of weaving displays a wide variety of items that the Maori women weave from local materials. It is interesting to see how they bring out the different colours and create so many useful and decorative items.

Depending on the ticket that you purchase you may also have access to see the live Maori Experience, which includes a show along with audience interaction. Here you will learn about the local Maori culture and history, while you also enjoy an entertaining live show.

Te Puia Thermal Reserve Prices (at October 2012):

Adult Child (5-15 years) Family Pass
Te Puia Daytime Experience $46.00 $23.00 $124.20
Te Puia Daytime Experience Combo $57.40 $28.70 $155.00
Te Puia Cultural Performance Experience $46.00 $23.00 $124.20
Te Po Indigenous Evening Experience $110.00 $55.00 $297.00
Te Po Indigenous Evening Experience Combo $145.00 $72.50 $391.50






With the family pass above you can have up to 2 adults and between 2 to 4 children aged between 5 and 15 years. So this is great value if you are coming with your family!

NOTE: Another great way to get discount entry into Te Puia Rotorua is to buy a special Rotorua 5 Star Pass combination ticket through Rotorua Super Passes. Find out more by checking out our blog post on this service.

Times of Operation:

Summer: 8am – 6pm (last tour begins around 5pm)
Winter: 8am – 5pm (last tour begins around 4pm)


Te Puia,
Hemo Rd,
New Zealand

Te Puia Map:

View Larger Map

Aerial View:

View Larger Map


Te Puia Thermal Reserve Facilities:

  • Free off street parking
  • Wheel chair access
  • Souvenir shop
  • Restrooms
  • Tourist Information

Lots more to see in Rotorua and New Zealand!

Rotorua Super Passes

Rotorua Super PassRotorua in New Zealand’s North Island is a unique location with many different things to do and places to visit. The prices of each of these different local attractions can quickly add up, so what is the solution? If you are after the best deal and the cheapest way to see many of Rotorua’s local sights then why not purchase one of various Rotorua Super Passes for you and your family?

There are passes available to suit a variety of budgets and travel tastes. You can enjoy the best that this gorgeous part of New Zealand has to offer without breaking the bank. You also save money as the passes are less expensive than the normal combined cost of the individual attractions.

Rotorua Location:

One of the best ways to get to Rotorua is by car. The trip by road will take you around 2.5 hours from New Zealand’s capital, Auckland. Once there you will then be able to use the car to visit the many fun attractions.

View Larger Map

Rotorua Five Star Pass:

One of the popular options with families and those on a tight travel budget is the 5-Star Pass. This super pass allows entry into 3 fun and interesting local tourist attractions. These include:

Rotorua Skyline Gondola at NightSkyline Gondola – Jump into the gondola, which holds up to 8 people, and enjoy the breathtaking view as you travel higher up the mountain. You will see the spectacular 180-degree panoramic views, which include the lake, Rotorua township and the hills that surround the region. Check out the live webcam view here.

Te Puia – Here you will learn all about local, Maori culture and also get up nice and close to the bubbling mud and vibrant thermal activity. You many also choose to pay a little extra so that you can enjoy the live Maori cultural show on site.

Polynesian Spa – Spend some time relaxing and rejuvenating in the naturally warm thermal waters at the spa pools. If you have kids with you then you can enjoy the family fool and 2 separate spa pools. If you only have adults in your group then you can go into the adult only section and enjoy a wider range of pools of varying temperatures and water types.

Other pass options include:

  • Rotorua Diamond Pass
  • Legends of Rotorua Pass
  • Rotorua Escapade Pass
  • Rotorua Fab Foursome Pass
  • Rotorua Land and Lake Pass
  • Rotorua Superpass
  • Rotorua Treasure Chest Pass
  • Rotorua Trilogy Pass
  • Rotorua Triple Treat Pass
  • Tarawera Legacy Pass


The prices vary depending on the specific pass that you purchase, but prices range from approximately $80 to $235 per person.

Each of the options above will give you many hours of fun, excitement, relaxation and education. You will be sure to create many happy memories of your holiday in Rotorua that you can carry with you into the future.

Drive Yourself?

You also have the option with some of the passes to drive yourself or to have transport included in the cost. If you prefer just to sit back and be driven to the various attractions then you may want to look at this option.

The individual components of each pass can be used of different days so that you can enjoy one attraction each day or multiple attractions within the same day. The choice is entirely up to you!

So before you arrive for your next vacation be sure to check out all of the available Rotorua Super Pass options so that you can select the one that best suits you and your family or friends.

Happy travels through Rotorua and New Zealand!

Uprising Resort Fiji Review

The Uprising Resort Fiji is the perfect spot for a peaceful holiday for couples or families. Uprising is located in Pacific Harbour around 45 minutes drive from Fiji’s capital, Suva and approximately 2 hours from Nadi (pronounced “Nandi”).

Accommodation Prices Per Night (October 2012):

Note that the prices listed below are per night and each includes a lite continental breakfast.

The prices for the Villas and Bures are for 2 people per night. The price for the dormitory is for 1 person per night.

Beachfront Villas $375 FJD (double)
Garden View Villas $335 FJD (double)
Beachfront Bures $255 FJD (double)
Garden View Bures $235 FJD (double)
Backpackers’ Dorm $40 FJD / person





Obviously the higher your travel budget the more luxurious the accommodation that you can book. But regardless of whether you stay in a luxurious beachfront villa, complete with air con, or share with others in the backpackers dorm, you will still be able to enjoy the amazing location and all of the fun activities that the Pacific Harbour region has to offer.

Booking Tip:

Remember to check out the special package offers that the Uprising resort itself and other travel companies may be offering at the time you want to book. It may well be that you can find a great discount deal that includes a breakfast each morning and possibly even some fun activities as well. So have a look around online or through a local travel agent before you confirm your booking.

Distances From Suva & Nadi:

Uprising beach resort is in a tranquil location on the gorgeous Fijian island of Viti Levu.

Below you can see a table of distances and the approximate times that it takes to drive to the Uprising Resort, Fiji from Viti Levu’s major cities.

Distance (km) Time
Suva to Uprising, Pacific Harbour 50 km 45-60 mins
Nadi to Uprising, Pacific Harbour 140 km 2-2.5 hours




Keep in mind that travel times are approximate. If you hire a car and drive yourself then you may be able to get there a little faster (if you don’t stop along the way to enjoy some of the beautiful scenery!). In public transport and shuttles there may be additional stops along the way, which means that the trip may be slightly longer than you originally thought.

NOTE: Not all of Fiji’s roads are well maintained. Around the south of the Viti Levu island the road from Nadi to Suva (including Pacific Harbour) is quite good in most places. Some spots, however, are quite bumpy and so you may find the trip somewhat tiring.

Travel Tip:

Remember to have a bottle of water with you for the trip and enjoy the stunning scenery and landscapes along the way. If you do this then the time will pass quickly and you will soon be at your destination and ready to enjoy an amazing Fijian holiday!

Cheap Shuttle Bus From Nadi To Uprising Resort:

One inexpensive and yet reliable way to get to the Uprising Resort is to book a trip on the Coral Sun Express Shuttle. This bus picks travelers up from the Nadi Airport twice daily at 7.30am and 1pm and then stops along the way at Nadi town and then major hotels and resorts all the way to Suva.

There are also 2 trips from Suva to Nadi airport two times a day. These leave Suva at 7.15am and 3.30pm.

Uprising Resort Address:

The Uprising Beach Resort,
Beach Road,
Pacific Harbour,
Fiji Islands

Telephone: (679) 3452200
Fax: (679) 3452059

Uprising Postal Address:

P.O. Box 416
Pacific Harbour,
Fiji Islands


View Larger Map

Aerial View:

View Larger Map

Shopping & Attractions Near Uprising Resort:

It is a nice 5 minute walk to the township of Pacific Harbour where you will find some local sites and attractions that you can visit.

  • Arts Village
  • Church – services held each week

Within the Arts Village you will find a range of different stores and shops selling clothing, sportswear, Fijian jewellery, carvings, handcrafts, CDs and lots of souvenirs. There is also a grocery store, cinema and swimming pool complex.

Read Reviews From Other Travellers:

Many people have taken the time to write reviews of Uprising on Trip Advisor for travelers to find out more. Currently there are over 120 reviews that you can read and use as part of your research.

Just about all of the reviews are positive. The one thing that many people say was a negative is the distance that you need to travel in order to arrive at the resort at Pacific Harbour. If you are able to plan your trip well and book a taxi or shuttle bus then you will find that the 45 minutes from Suva or 2 hours from Nadi will pass quickly enough.

Enjoy your vacation at the Uprising Resort, Bega Bay.

NYE Fireworks Welcome 20132012 is about to end and the new year of 2013 is just around the corner. Get ready to count down and watch as the clock strikes midnight. Most of us enjoy the festivities and want to be a part of the New Year’s celebrations, but we are not all able to stay up late and see the fireworks spectacular are 12 midnight!

Families with young children are one such group that often cannot all keep awake until 12am. Even if the parents stay up their kids are many times not able to keep their eyes open long enough to see the colorful light displays.

It is also being said that 9pm is the new midnight, as more and more hard working Aussies are just too tired to stay up those extra couple of hours to see in January 2013.

So you may be wondering if there are any other options where you can still enjoy some fireworks displays on the popular sunny Gold Coast in Queensland, without exhausting yourself by staying up late.

Well you are in luck as there are several earlier fireworks options for us Gold Coasters.

Family Fireworks 31 December 2012:

2013 Welcomed with NYE FireworksWhile many locations have the typical midnight fireworks spectacular displays, there are also several suburbs that have family oriented celebrations. Some of these locations also offer live music and entertainment in the evening prior to the colorful explosions of light that will later fill the sky. Amusement rides will also be available at some of the sites for those who want to end 2012 in a fun style!

Road Closures

Some roads on the Gold Coast will be closed in preparation for the 2012 celebrations. Keep these closures in mind while planing getting to and from the venue.

Paradise Point- The Esplanade from Donald Avenue to Falkinder Avenue from 6pm to 10pm.
Coolangatta – Marine Parade from Warner Street to Dutton Street from 6pm to 1am.
Surfers Paradise – The Esplanade from Hanlon Street to View Avenue and at the intersection of Cavill Avenue East with Surfers Paradise Blvd from 6pm to 4am.

Gold Coast Fireworks Locations 2012

Check out the list below for more information on each specific location.

Surfers Paradise

Surfers Paradise foreshore offers one probably the most popular fireworks extravaganza on the Gold Coast each New Year’s eve. Many thousands of locals and tourists join together to bring in the new year on the gorgeous white sands of this world renowned beach.

Live entertainment will begin at 6.30pm Monday 31st December 2012.

Fireworks Address:

Surfers Paradise Foreshore Beach
Surfers Paradise

Family Fireworks Time:


NYE Fireworks Display at Midnight

Yes there will also be a fantastic display of colourful fireworks on the dot at 12 midnight.


Live entertainment for the whole family will begin at 6pm. There will also be fun rides for the kids.

Fireworks Address:

Southport Broadwater Parklands,
Marine Parade
Southport, Qld

Family Fireworks Time:



Many people will flock to Kurrawa Park for two delightful fireworks displays on New Year’s Eve 2012.

Fireworks Address:

Kurrawa Park,

Family Fireworks Time:

8pm – Nice and early for the kids!

Main Fireworks Display at Midnight

As well as the 8pm display there will also be fireworks set off at midnight.

Main Beach

Fireworks Address:

Near the Southport Surf Life Saving Club,
Macarthur Parade
Main Beach
Gold Coast

Family Fireworks Time:


Fireworks Display at Midnight

A second fireworks show will occur at midnight at Main Beach.


Fireworks Address:

The Promenade
Robina Town Centre,
Robina Town Centre Drive,

Family Fireworks Time:


Live Entertainment

Entertainment will occur from 6pm to 10pm with lots of live music and performers to keep the whole family amused. You can also reserve a table for your and your friends or family at one of the restaurants along the Promenade. This way you are sure to have a great view of all of the fireworks at 9pm.

Paradise Point

Fireworks Address:

Paradise Point Parklands,
The Esplanade
Paradise Point

Family Fireworks Time:



Fun live entertainment will be onsite from approximately 5.30pm to 10pm.


Fireworks Address:

Viney Park,
Dreamworld Parkway,

Family Fireworks Time:


Live Entertainment & Fun

Come and enjoy some fun, live entertainment for all the family from approximately 5pm to 12.30am on 1st January 2013!

Fireworks Display at Midnight

Those who come to Coomera will have 2 fireworks shows, 9pm and 12am as well as ongoing entertainment right and food stalls into the new year of 2013.


Fireworks Address:

Coolangatta beach

Family Fireworks Time:

9pm (Queensland time)

Main Fireworks Display at Midnight

12am (Queensland time)

NSW Fireworks Locations

Byron Bay, NSW

Just over the border from Queensland into New South Wales, we have the popular seaside town of Byron Bay, which is also joining in the New Year’s eve festivities. This site will be family friendly and alcohol free.

Fireworks Address:

Apex Park
Main Beach beach front
Byron Bay, NSW

Family Fireworks Time:

9pm (NSW time)

Main Fireworks Display at Midnight

Markets and Entertainment from 4pm til midnight with fireworks at midnight (NSW time)

Tweed Heads

Fireworks Address:

Jack Evans Boat Harbour
Coral Street,
Tweed Heads

Fireworks Display at Midnight

One fireworks display will occur at 12am midnight (NSW time)

Banora Point

Fireworks Address:

Banora Point
Club Banora,
Leisure Drive,
Banora Point

Family Fireworks Time:

9pm (NSW time)

2nd Fireworks Display at Midnight

At 12am (NSW time) there will be a second fireworks show. Live Entertainment will also occur from around 8pm.


Fireworks Address:

Crabbes Creek Community Hall,
Crabbes Creek Road,
Crabbes Creek

Family Fireworks Time:

9pm (NSW time)

Fireworks Display at Midnight

Midnight (NSW time) will be the second fireworks display in Murwillumbah.

What to Bring?

Remember to bring along your party hats, glow sticks, glow light necklaces for the kids and some sparklers so that you whole family will be able to feel a part of the 2012 celebrations.

You may also want to bring some folding chairs or a picnic rug and of course some nibblies to keep everyone satisfied.

Keep in mind that many people will be arriving early. So come along as soon as you can to secure your place for a great viewing of the fireworks and festivities.

Gold Coast New Year’s Eve Weather

Much of the east coast of Australia is set to have perfect weather as we celebrate the end of 2012 and look forward to beginning 2013.

Specifically on the Gold Coast we are meant to have a sunny afternoon and then an evening with clear skies and pleasant conditions. There should only be light winds and temperatures of around 22 degrees.

These expected weather conditions and clear, cloudless skies should make for perfect fireworks viewings!

Happy New Year 2012

Be sure to comment below and share your New Year’s Eve 2012 celebrations. What did you and your family do to celebrate the new year? Where did you go and how were the Gold Coast fireworks displays that you saw? What New Year’s resolutions have you set for yourself for 2013?

We look forward to reading your comments and to replying to you.

Happy New Year 2013! May it be a blessed year for you and your loved ones!

GraGraeme's Driving Academy To Learn To Drive Safelyeme’s Driving Academy has just helped our son get his P’s. The journey to obtaining his Drivers License took some time and effort, but what made it a reality in the end was the fact that we discovered Graeme Hanby and his driving school!

Originally our son did a search online and found another popular Gold Coast driving school. But there was a problem with the very first lesson that he had with this other reputable driving academy. When our son arrived home from his lesson he was quiet and even withdrawn. He told me he did not want to talk about the lesson.

So I just left him alone for the night. The next day we chatted about what had happened in the lesson and he told me how the driving instructor was negative and even depressing in his attitude. When mistakes were made our son was told that he did something wrong, but no clear explanation was given so that he understood the reason and exactly what he had done wrong.Car Keys After Getting Drivers License

The instructor even had the nerve to say that perhaps our son should forget about trying for his manual license and should instead just go for an automatic license.

When I heard this I felt quite upset and annoyed at the trainer from this well known driving school for saying this to his student!

Instead of instilling hope and confidence in our son, he tore him down through his discouraging comments and attitude.

We Found Graeme’s Driving Academy

It was then that I saw a discount coupon in the local Gold Coast Value Voucher newspaper for Graeme’s driving school and so I gave Graeme a call. I could tell straight away on the phone that Graeme was upbeat and encouraging in his attitude and words. So we went ahead and made a booking for our son to have a driving lesson.

Wow! You should have seen the difference when he arrived home from this first lesson! A huge smile was plastered across his face and he began to tell me all about the lesson. I could hear the encouragement and confidence in his voice and could see it in his face. He once again believed in himself and knew that he could go for his manual license and get it!

This was the exact opposite from the other instructor!

It amazed me just seeing the two different extremes that flowed out of the way that each of the two driving instructors related to their student. One instructor drained all hope and confidence away, while Graeme restored the hope, confidence and belief that it was possible.

‘P’ Plates

The outcome, as I mentioned before, is that our son is now driving around successfully on his P Plates!

I want to say a huge “Thank you” to Graeme for his positive attitude and willingness to take a nervous beginner and to train him until he became a confident and safe driver on our Queensland roads. Thank you for believing in our son and for instilling this same belief in him.

We highly recommend Graeme’s driving academy to all those who want a caring and kind driving instructor who will be honest, but in a way that builds up rather than tearing down. Any parents of teens or young adults who want to have a few driving lessons before sitting their practical test should consider Graeme’s company. Why not give him a call today and book in your first lesson?

Many parents teach their kids to drive, but by booking a few lessons before the prac test you are ensuring that your teen has the best chance of passing and also that they pick up some things that you have perhaps forgotten!

I almost forgot to mention that he also offers a special deal to new clients. Book 3 hours and you only have to pay for 2 hours. A pretty good deal! His rates were also $5 less per hour than the other driving company that our son first used. So it really was a no brainer to use this positive, upbeat and caring man to teach our son a skill that he will carry with him for the rest of his life.

Thanks, Graeme’s Driving Academy!

Movie World’s Fright Nights 2012

Do you enjoy being scared out of your wits? Then you have to check out the upcoming Fright Nights 2012 at the Gold Coast’s Movie World theme park.

Read below to find out all about the prices, dates and time.

*** Click here for information on Dreamworld’s Screamworld Nights 2012 ***

NOTE: Final 2 Fright Nights for 2012 are on Friday 26th and Saturday 27th October at Movie World on the Gold Coast.

These fright nights are certainly not for the faint hearted!

But if you like the feeling of your adrenalin flowing, while being surrounded by screams from the other visitors then Movie World in October is the place to be!

The zombie apocalypse will hit in full force in October as fans come out in mass to experience a night of ultimate terror!


Young children are not advised to attend the Fright nights due to the excessive amount of horror and terror. Any children that do attend definitely need to be closely supervised by responsible adults!

Are You Brave Enough?

If you are feeling brave then why not grab some of your friends and plan on heading out for a night of creepy fun, screams and laughter!

Find out When, Where and Costs below.


October 2012 – Friday & Saturday nights from 6-11pm as follows:
Saturday 6th
Saturday 13th
Friday 19th
Saturday 20th
Friday 26th
Saturday 27th


6-11pm on Friday & Saturday nights listed above in October 2012


General Admission (Single Fright Night Entry) $29.99
2012 Fright Night Season Pass (Bravely Attend Every Fright Night in Oct 2012) $59.99
VIP Pass Holders Gold Upgrade (Also Includes White Christmas 2012) $19.99
Special Limited Offer VIP Gold Pass $99.99




Why not buy your tickets online? Buy Tickets Now


Movie World
Entertainment Road
(Just off the Pacific Motorway)
Oxenford QLD

Location Map:

View Larger Map

Be Warned: Video is not for the faint hearted or young children!


The theme parks here on the Gold Coast love to set up special themed nights to entertain their customers and visitors. Dreamworld has operated Screamworld for its guests for many years now, with lots of satisfied customers who love to return to enjoy another fun night out with friends!

*** Click here for information on Movie World’s Fright Nights 2012 ***

Enjoy 2013 Screamworld! Date TBC. Grab your mates and come along for a fun and scary Friday night!

Don’t miss out on the final Screamworld night for 2012 – Novemeber 16!

It will be an Awesome night of fun, rides and entertainment at the After Dark Park! Just as popular as ever.

See Pricing information below.

Next Screamworld Night:

  • Friday 31st May 2013

Past Screamworld Nights:

  • Friday 5th April 2013
  • Friday 1st March 2013
  • Friday 16th November 2012
  • Friday 21st September 2012
  • Friday 6th July 2012
  • Friday 18th May 2012
  • Friday 13th April 2012
  • Friday 3rd February 2012
  • Friday 4th November 2011
  • Friday 16th September 2011
  • Friday 8th July 2011
  • Friday 8th April 2011
  • Friday 11th February 2011

Ticket Prices (as at May 2013)

Adult/Child/Concession  $39.99
Online Discount Price     $29.99 (When purchasing 4 or more tickets – Only available Online!)

So remember to get your tickets at a lower price to gather all of your friends together and then purchase your tickets online. As long as you are buying 4 or more tickets at once you qualify for the lower price tickets. If you prefer to buy your tickets at the gate then, that is fine, but you will pay the higher price.

What a great idea to open up Dreamworld at night and have some fun with your friends! Not only do you get to hang out with your mates, but you get to do it in the dark, and have a great time on Dreamworld’s Big 7 Thrill Rides! (used to be Big 6 Thrill Rides)

These Big 7 Thrill Rides include:

  • BuzzSaw
  • The Tower of Terror II,
  • Giant Drop,
  • Wipeout,
  • Cyclone,
  • The Claw,
  • Mick Doohan’s Motocoaster.

Now the BuzzSaw will also be operating at the Screamworld night. This newest ride changes Dreamworld’s thrill ride list to the Big 7 Thrill Rides.

You will be able to scream your head off as you ride these exciting thrill rides with your friends by moonlight!


Times of Operation:

From 6.30pm until 10.00pm.


Dreamworld Parkway
Queensland 4209 Australia


View Larger Map


Plenty of Free parking is available on-site off Dreamworld Parkway, Coomera.


Back in 2005 the very first Screamworld night was held, with four special nights through out the year, beginning in April. Since 2005 Screamworld has proved to be popular and is held each April, July, September and November.


Screamworld will continue even if the weather does turn bad, but some of the rides may need to be closed if the weather is too severe. Bad weather will primarily effect the Tower of Terror 2. So if worst comes to worst, you can still have a fantastic night of fun, and hang out at the other thrill rides!

AVPX Attraction

As well as being able to enjoy the thrill rides in the dark, why not check out the new AVPX attraction? This is where Alien Vs Predator Vs You! So get ready for some spin-chilling, blood-dripping action at the AVPX attraction at night at Screamworld!

Brave World of Kids Fun

Kids are not forgotten during this scary night at Dreamworld. The night will come alive with messy mayhem and fun in the kids zone.

Light and Laser Display

At around 9.30pm at the central fountain, you can enjoy the new Laser light spectacular. As the lasers flash in front of you, the DJ will play tunes for your entertainment.

Night-Rider Flow-Rider

Why not grab your mates and come over to the Flow-Rider? You can each test your skill on this fun water ride, in the dark! How cool is that? See which of your friends has the most skill on this board-riding challenge.

Back in July 2011 at the Screamworld night, Jordan Jansen came and rode the ShockWave. You can check out the video and see what he thinks of this fun, action ride below.


Test your skills in Australia’s very first Full motion virtual V8 Supercars experience! Grab your driver’s seat, plant your foot and get ready to drive your very own V8 Supercar! This ride is so realistic that you will believe that you are actually driving a real V8 Super, with deep bass vibrations from the engine revving you will feel like you are the driver! Imagine going from 0 to 100 in only four seconds! Come and check it out! This will certainly get your adrenalin going as you drive the track at Mt Panorama, Bathurst!

Screamworld Summary

You and your mates are sure to have a great time at Screamworld, riding the thrill rides in the dark, watching the laser and light show, enjoying the flow-rider at night, the thrill of the AVPX attraction and the night-driver V8 Supercar ride! There is something for families, youth groups and couples. So come along to the next Screamworld night and get screaming!

The first attraction that we visited on our recent trip from Australia to New Zealand was to the Auckland Zoo. We took along a group of 8 family members from ages 8 up to 74 and each of us had a fantastic day. The weather was perfect (even in July!) and we were able to cover approximately 80% of the zoo grounds during the 6 hours that we spent in the park.

A lot has changed at the Auckland Zoo since the early years when local business people were encouraged to find and bring back wildlife when the travelled abroad on overseas trips! But one thing has remained the same and this is that families still enjoy a fun day out at the zoo watching the various animals, birds and reptiles.

Very interesting information is available on many of the zoo’s wildlife on the Auckland Zoo website.

An unexpected event that we witnessed was the rescue of six young ducklings that had become trapped in the stream and separated from their mum who had no idea what to do! You can watch the video below to see the rescue unfold!

6 Ducklings get rescued by Auckland Zoo staff


During the day we saw exotic wildlife such as Asian elephants, giraffes, zebras and African lions. We also wondered through the Aussie Walk About enclosure and saw the emus, colorful peacocks, wallabies, kangaroos, parrots and lorikeets. Of course, we also visited the Kiwi enclosure and saw the endangered Kiwi digging away in the soil.

Prices (as at September 2012)

Adult $22
Child (4-14 Years Inclusive) $11
Child (Under 4 Years) Free
Pensioner (with ID) $18
Student (with ID) $18
Family pass 1 (1 adult, 2 children) $40
Family pass 2 (2 adults, 2 children) $60
Additional children (added to either family pass) $9 per child








Friends of the Zoo membership

If you like to visit the Auckland Zoo regularly then why not consider purchasing an annual pass with the Friends of the Zoo membership? This also gives you added benefits and discounts for you and any friends or family you may bring along with you to the zoo.

Times of Operation of Auckland Zoo:

Winter (1 May to 31 August):
9.30am – 5pm

Summer (1 September to 30 April): 9.30am to 5.30pm

Christmas Day: Closed

Last entry into zoo is 4.15pm daily.

**** Click to Download a Map of the Auckland Zoo ****

Address of Auckland Zoo:

Motions Road
Western Springs
Auckland 1022, New Zealand

Information Phone: +64 9 360 3805

Video of our Family Day at Auckland Zoo

Location Map of Auckland Zoo:

View Larger Map


Free off-street parking is available onsite with additional parking just down the street across the tram track.

Wheelchair Access?

Around 90% of the zoo can be accessed by a wheelchair and about 70% by those in a mobility scooter. This means that families or groups with members in mobility devices can still come and enjoy a fun day out with family and friends.

There are also a number of wheelchairs and Mobility scooters that are available for hire. It is advisable to book prior to your visit to ensure that one is held for you on the day. A bond may be payable on the day of your visit, but this will be refunded when you return the mobility vehicle.

Interesting Facts:

  • Free off street parking
  • Located on 17 hectares
  • Biggest array of Exotic and Native animals in New Zealand
  • Close to Central Auckland
  • Open 364 days a year

History of the Zoo:

  • Opened in February 1911 in Onehunga, Auckland
  • Moved to Western Springs location on 17 December 1922
  • 1923 Jamuna the elephant arrived
  • 1925 a leopard escaped from the zoo
  • 1949 Kiwi were finally allowed to be displayed
  • 25 November 1956 saw the first ‘chimpanzee tea party’ performed to the delight of visitors
  • 1981 the animal hospital opened at the zoo
  • 1996 saw the opening of the Rainforest
  • Three Sumatran tiger cubs were born in 2008
  • 200 North Island brown kiwi chicks were successfully reared and released in 2010
  • Te Wao Nui opened on 11 September 2011

Different Ways to Enjoy the Zoo:

  • Behind the scenes Zoom Tours available
  • Safari Nights are held regularly
  • Junior Keeper programme allows kids aged 6 to 13 years to be a zoo keeper for a day
  • Photography workshops on the zoo grounds – Beginners, Intermediate or Young people
  • Guided walks offered for a small additional fee
  • Consider booking your Special Function at the Zoo
  • Kid Zone allows children to get up close to small animals and enjoy the playground
  • Adopt an Animal program allows you to contribute towards a specific animal and to support wildlife conservation
  • Join the other volunteers and become a zoo ambassador

Fun Family Day at the Zoo

Everyone can have a fun day at the Auckland Zoo no matter what their age! So next time you are in Auckland be sure to stop by and check out the diverse range of animals, birds, reptiles and more!

For a long time now I have wanted to check out the buffet restaurant that Pizza Hut has at Kirra Beach on the Gold Coast. So yesterday I drove down there to check it out.

I found the Kirra Pizza Hut was easy to find as it is right on the beach, next to the Kirra Surf Club. In fact it is the same building complex, which is called the Kirra Beach Pavilion.

Prices are shown below as of September 2012

* Remember to download your Shopa Docket Discount by clicking on the link below *

I was greeted with such a beautiful day. The sun was glistening on the sea and the long waves were breaking on the Kirra beach. I could see Currumbin Hill, Burleigh Heads and the buildings of Surfers Paradise all from the Pizza Hut restaurant.

Kirra Beach Pizza Hut Open TimesAs I arrived a little early, I was able to walk around and enjoy the relaxing setting. I was then the first person the enter and buy my lunch.

Here are some helpful details about Kirra Pizza Hut:

Prices Sept 2012:

Monday to Friday
Lunch (11am to 3pm)
Adult $11.95 to 3pm on Weekdays
Child $8.95
Senior $11.95

Dinner (5pm to 9pm)
Adult $18.95
Child $8.95 (age 3-12)
Senior $18.95

Saturday & Sunday

Lunch (11am to 4pm)
Adult $16.95 to 4pm on Weekends
Child $8.95
Senior $16.95

Dinner (4pm to 9pm)
Adult $18.95
Child $8.95 (age 3-12)
Senior $18.95

Note: Children aged 3-12 are the same price 7 days a week for lunch and dinner. Currently, children pay $8.95.

There is no set price for Seniors who will need to pay the full adult price, which can be seen above.

Grab a Discount Shopa Docket

Be sure to download and print your free Shopa Docket Kirra Pizza Hut discount before heading to the restaurant. This way you will save some dollars!

It is well worth your time to download and print out a Discount Shop a Docket – Click to View Discount. As of September 2012 the shopper docket coupon gives you the Lunch Buffet for $9,95 Monday-Friday and Dinner Buffet for $15.95 Monday-Thursday. This could save quite a bit when you come with your family! 4-6 people can claim off one shopper docket voucher.

Pizza Hut Kirra Beach Address:

Kirra Pavilion
Marine Pde
Kirra Beach QLD 4225

Parking is available at the round-about entrance at the corner of Marine Pde and Rutledge St.

Kirra Pizza Restaurant Dine-in Times:

Monday to Friday

  • Lunch:  11am to 3pm
  • Dinner: 5pm to 9pm

Saturday & Sunday
Open all day from 11am to 9pm.

Seating stops 15 minutes before the closing time for Restaurant.

Also Note that the times are based on Queensland times and so will be different by an hour when NSW has Day Light Savings in summer.

Kirra Pizza Hut Map:

View Larger Map

Kirra Pizza Hut Parking:

Free off-street parking on site next to Kirra Pavilion.

Shopa Docket Tip:

I was blessed to have a discount Shop a Docket that meant that instead of paying the adult price of $11.95, I only paid $8.95 for all I could eat pizza, salad and dessert.

These Shop a Dockets are available on the back of your shopping receipts or you can also download the discount voucher online and take that in with you. I also found out that the coupon is good for up to around 4-6 people. So I can come back with my family and friends and we all get the discount.

On the weekends the prices are higher, but the shopper docket coupon still reduces the cost down to $13.95. So you still save!

I had a book with me and just relaxed, enjoyed the delightful view and read some of my book over the hour and a half that I was in the restaurant. It was really pleasant.

Over the period that I was there I must have seen at least 15 different varieties of pizza set out for the customers to enjoy. There were various ones with vegetarian toppings as well as meat and chicken pizzas.

I must say too that they were yummy! I enjoyed being able to taste the thin and crispy pastry base right through to the think pan pizza.

I also enjoyed the chocolate brownie and apple crisp pizza for dessert. I added some soft serve ice-cream onto these and it made a delicious sweet.

In our next blog post we will travel back to Tasmania and continue with our walk out to Sphinx rock on Mt Wellington near Hobart.

So next time, Remember to Enjoy Life and make the most of your time with your Family!

Leanne Annett <><

Every year around the end of August or beginning of September we celebrate the Gold Coast show here in sunny Queensland. The three-day event runs from Friday through to Sunday.

*** Remember to write down this year’s Gold Coast Show Public Holiday date!

Gold Coast Show Day Holiday 2012: Friday 31 August 2012

You can come and enjoy the 2012 Gold Coast show at Parklands Showgrounds, which can be found at the corner of Smith Street and Parklands Drive in Southport on Queensland’s sunny Gold Coast.

Dates 2012: Friday 31st August, Saturday 1st September and Sunday 2nd September 2012

Gold Coast Show 2012

Last Year’s Gold Coast Show 2011

Last year in 2011 the show began on Friday 2nd September 2011 with the Gold Coast Public Holiday and concluded on Sunday 4th September 2011.

Gold Coast Show Holiday 2011: Friday 2 September 2011

Dates 2011: Friday 2nd September, Saturday 3rd September and Sunday 4th September 2011

Times 2011 & 2012:

  • Fri & Sat 9.00am – 9.00pm
  • Sunday 9.00am – 7.30pm

Ticket Prices 2011 & 2012:

 Family (2A & 3C under 14 yrs)  $45.00
 Adults  $20.00
 Students, Pensioners, Seniors  $10.00
 Children (under 14)  $5.00
 Pre-School Children  FREE
 Car parking  $10.00


Venue: Parklands Showgrounds,

Cnr Smith St and Parklands Drive, Southport, Qld

View Larger Map


  • Phone: 07 5591 3422
  • Email:


2011 is set to be as good, if not better than previous years, with fun activities and rides to amuse all of the family.

There are many fun activities to do that everyone is sure to find something that they will enjoy.

  • Animal Nursery & Poultry
  • Dog Show
  • Horse Events – Show-jumping
  • Goat Competitions
  • Showbags, Sideshows & Rides
  • FREE Circus
  • Fantastic Food
  • Goldsteins Fireworks Display
  • Evening Entertainment
  • Homecraft Competition & Displays
  • Homeshow Displays &Trade Exhibits
  • School Displays & Competitions
  • Stage Shows & Roving Entertainment
  • Motorsports Exhibits
  • Vintage Cars
  • Visual Arts Competition
  • Woodchopping Championships

*** Remember to write down next year’s Gold Coast Show Public Holiday date!

Gold Coast Show Holiday 2013: Friday 30th August 2013

Below is a short video clip from a previous Gold Coast show to give you an overview of what to expect.


History of Gold Coast Show

Gold Coast Show 2011 is the 105th year of this major Gold Coast event. Back in 2006 we celebrated 100 years of this annual, local show.

When I searched online I found references to “The Southport Show” even back to circa 1903 and 1905 so even in these early years there was something happening. There was horse shoeing and floral and vegetable displays for people to enjoy in the early days.

The show was first held at the old Recreation Reserve, site of the Woodroffe Park in Lawson Street, Southport behind the Southport RSL. It was referred to as “The Southport Show” until the name changed to “South Coast Show” in 1952. Then later in about 1959, the name was changed again to “The Gold Coast Show”.

Once the annual show outgrew the facilities at the old Recreation Reserve it moved to land donated by the Owen family. This became known as Owen Park and is in Queens Street Southport. The Annual Gold Coast Show remained in Owen Park until 1988.

Then in 1989 the show moved to the current location of Parklands, Southport. Parklands is situated on the corner of Smith Street Motorway and Parklands Drive and consists of 47 hectares. Specially built facilities were constructed, including Harness and Greyhound racing facilities.

So why not gather up the whole family and come out for a fun and memorable day at this years Annual Gold Coast Show?

Find out more about the popular Gold Coast Show weekend here.

Every year around September and October you can experience the delightful display of gorgeous coloured flowers at the Floriade in Canberra, Australia. The event lasts for 30 days and delights young and old alike. One of the best features is that you can come and enjoy all that Floriade has to offer for no cost!

Australia’s celebration of Spring, Floriade Canberra 2012 will be a special celebration as it marks 25 years of this colourful Aussie event. Why not enjoy Spring with the colour, vibrance and exhilaration that comes from walking amongst so many exquisite floral displays?

Dates of Operation of Floriade Canberra 2012:

  • 15th September 2012 to 14th October 2012

Floriade Canberra 2010 Video


Free entry for all!

Times of Operation:

Monday-Friday: 9:00am to 5:00pm
Weekends and Public Holidays: 9:00am to 5:30pm
Entry to the event closes 30 minutes before close each day.


Commonwealth Park
Canberra, ACT, 2601

Only a pleasant 5-10 minute walk from the centre of the city of Canberra.

A free shuttle is also available from Canberra city centre to the gate of Commonwealth Park during the full 30 days of Floriade Canberra 2012. This free service operates from 9:00am to 5:00pm daily during Floriade. 2012, thus making it easy to come and enjoy the festivities and colour.

Click to view the Floriade event map online

Location Map:

View Larger Map

Interesting Facts:

  • Floriade Canberra is currently the largest flower festival event in the Southern hemisphere
  • Began in Spring 1988 to commemorate Canberra’s 75th birthday
  • Australia’s bicentenary of settlement by Europeans in 1988 also coincided with Floriade’s launch
  • Over 300,000 visitors enjoy Floriade Canberra each year during September and October
  • Floriade Europe is held every 10 years in the Netherlands
  • Floriade Netherlands 2012 will be held from April to mid October

Read more information on Floriade Australia 2012 here.

Glimpses of all aspects of Floriade Canberra

Kingsford Smith Transport (aka KST) offers an airport shuttle to make it easy and inexpensive for travellers to go from the airport to their hotel or vice versa. This option is cheaper than getting a taxi and much more convenient than catching the local public bus service. It is also much less stressful than hiring a car to take you to the CBD, Kings Cross or Darling Harbour!

KST Sydney Airport Shuttle

Sydney Airport Shuttle Prices (as at April 2012)

Keep in mind that when you pay and book your Sydney Airport Shuttle online that you will be given the best price available. This will ensure that you travels are as inexpensive as possible.

- Book Online - - Pay on Day of Travel -
Adult Oneway – Hotel to Airport $12.60 $14.00
Adult Oneway – Airport to Hotel $16.20 $18.00
Adult Return $28.80 $32.00
Children (5-12) Oneway $10.00 $18.00
Children (5-12) Return $11.00 $20.00
Children (0-4) Oneway Free Free
Children (0-4) Return Free Free


Times of Operation:

Hotel pick up: Available from 5am to 7pm Daily
Airport pickup: Available from Arrival of first flight to 8.30pm Daily

NOTE: if you have want to make a booking for a large group then contact KST to enquire on pricing and times, as special arrangements can be made for larger groups outside the regular hours.

My KST Experience

Over the past 6 years I have travelled with my mum to Sydney for a conference once a year. Each of these times we booked the KST shuttle to drop us off at our hotel in Darling Harbour or Sydney CBD. We found that we usually had to wait around 20-30 minutes at the airport once we arrived at the meeting point. But had no problem with the driver coming to get us and walk us over to the shuttle bus.

On return from the hotel to the airport the driver arrived a few minutes before the scheduled time and came into the lobby to call us. We then had a smooth drive back to the airport and arrived in plenty of time to check in for our flight back home.

I have no hesitation in recommending KST Sydney Airport Shuttle as I have always found their service totally satisfactory. It always removes the added stress of driving in Sydney‘s busy traffic myself in a hire car or jumping into a taxi, which would be much more expensive.

Click here to make your booking for a Sydney Airport Shuttle

KST also offer an airport shuttle on the Gold Coast. For inquiries about the Gold Coast airport shuttle contact the Sydney shuttle.

Melbourne Airport Shuttle

If you are travelling to Melbourne then you will be pleased to know that there is also a KST Airporter Shuttle available to and from Tullamarine Airport. These services go to the Melbourne CBD, Southbank and East Melbourne.

Remember that if you book and pay online then you will receive the best price available. You just need to print out your payment receipt, which will be emailed to you and then give it to the driver on the day of travel.

Click here to make your booking for a Melbourne Shuttle

Shuttle Travel Tips:

It is important to keep the following points in mind so that you have a smooth pick up each time you are waiting for the shuttle.

  • Each passenger is limited to 2 pieces of luggage.
  • If you have extra baggage, or unusually sized luggage items, then be sure to tell KST prior to your pickup.
  • On arrival at the airport phone KST to notify of your arrival.
  • Proceed to the designated meeting point as outlined in the payment receipt email that you received.
  • Be sure to ask each shuttle driver who comes to the airport meeting point if they are from KST.
  • Watch out for drivers who are wearing a uniform that says, “Tour East” or “KST“.
  • If it seems like you have waited too long then phone up again and ask what is happening.
  • On the return trip to the airport allow plenty of time for travel and to check in to your flight.

Experience of Others Waiting for Shuttle

I wanted to mention another couple who were also waiting for the KST airport shuttle at the meeting point at the Sydney Airport when we arrived.

They had been there for around 1.5 hours and had phoned up to find out why the shuttle had not come to get them. When the driver did arrive to get us, after we had been there about 20 minutes, they realized that they had seen that driver before, but did not realize that he was from KST. Apparently a misunderstanding had occurred and they did not know that they could have caught the previous 2 KST airport shuttles when the driver came in to collect the travellers.

Instead of the driver having on a uniform that said “KST”, or something similar, it said “Tour East”. If this couple had have known that this was the KST shuttle driver then they would have already been at their destination. As it was they were understandably angry.

I only share this with you, not to discredit KST, as we have always found their service to be totally satisfactory, but to make you aware of checking with each shuttle driver who comes to the meeting point and asking if they are from KST. By doing this you will ensure that you catch the first available shuttle to your destination, rather than waiting around longer than is necessary!

Happy Travelling! 8-)

Located right on the beach at Dayman Park, Hervey Bay, just a short distance from the Urangan Pier is the Neptunes Reef World Aquarium. Some of the highlights that the aquarium offers to visitors is the opportunity to get up close to the turtles and sharks. In the morning at 11am everyone who wants to can feed some lettuce to the friendly turtles in the outdoor tank. Be sure to give the turtles a nice backrub on the side of their shell as they really love this.

Feeding the Turtles

Reefworld Aquarium Prices (as at April 2012)

Adult $18
Child (3-14 Years Inclusive) $8
Child (Under 5 Years) Free
Pensioner $18
Student $18
Backpackers $18
Swim with Sharks $50
Double Deal – Lunch & Aquarium – Adult $30
Double Deal – Lunch & Aquarium – Kids $17

Lunch At Waterfront Restaurant

Once you purchase your entry ticket you can come and go as many times as you want to throughout that specific day. So if you want to head over to Urangan for some lunch then you can do that.

But a better option is to enjoy a delicious lunch at the Waterfront Restaurant onsite at the aquarium.

If you want to save some money then you can take advantage of the Double Deal offer, which is available from Wednesday to Sunday. This special deal gives you full-day entry to Reefworld as well as a freshly prepared meal, between 11.30am and 2.30pm, in the restaurant. For just $30 adults receive aquarium entry and a meal of your choice with a credit of $20 off the meal price.

A perfect time to relax and enjoy lunch is after the turtle feeding at 11am. So around 12 noon you can wander into the restaurant and over your meal and drinks. Then sit back, relax and take in the beautiful view of Round Island, Big Woody Island and National Park and, of course, Fraser Island in the background! Before you know it your meal will arrive and you can eat before heading back for the shark feeding at 2pm.

Remember that this special offer is only available Wednesday to Sunday and so you may want to take this into account when planning your visit to Reef World.

Times of Operation:

Daily: 9.30am – 4pm
Christmas Day: Closed
Anzac Day: 9.30am – 4pm


On the beach,
Charlton Esplanade,
Dayman Park,
Urangan, Hervey Bay, Qld 4655

Phone: (07) 4128 9828

Feeding Times:

11am – Turtles
2pm – Sharks & Large Reef Fish

Feeding the Sharks

Then after lunch you can head back into Reefworld Aquarium for the opportunity to feed the sharks and large fish at 2pm. It all begins at the main indoor tank where anyone who wants to can take a piece of fish, climb up the ladder and feed the large reef fish by hand. It is quite exciting seeing the speed with which the large fish come to grab the fish! Next everyone heads outside to where the sharks and turtles are housed. Guests are given pieces of fish that can be given to the sharks, turtles and large reef fish in the outside tank.

Map – Neptune’s Reefworld, Hervey Bay

View Larger Map

Colourful Fish at Reef World

Interesting Facts About Reefworld

  • Reef World Aquarium was established over thirty years ago in 1979.
  • Natural sunlight is used throughout for lighting.
  • Sea water is used to keep the tanks full of healthy water with all of the nutrients necessary for healthy marine life.
  • A sand filter is all that is used on the incoming sea water.
  • The 2011 floods caused most of the live coral to die off due to the huge influx of fresh water from the Mary River.
  • After flooding the salt level in the water inside the aquarium tanks drops drastically and this had a big impact on the health of the coral, fish and marine creatures.
  • After the floods in 2011 many of the star fish, sea urchins and other marine life died due to the increase in fresh water and reduction in salt levels.
  • Reefworld is amongst only a few aquariums around the world that rely on natural seawater and natural sunlight to keep the aquatic environment healthy.

Visiting Reefworld in the Rain

Even when it is raining you can still enjoy a fantastic day out at Neptune’s aquarium. The main tank containing a variety of reef fish is situated inside. The individual aquarium tanks and touch pool are also inside so you can wander around to your heart’s content without getting at all wet on a rainy day.

The restaurant also offers meals, snack and drinks throughout the day undercover for your dining pleasure.

During the turtle feeding at 11am and the shark feed at 2pm you may require an umbrella as the shark and turtle enclosure is located outdoors. So if it is raining then bring a couple of umbrellas with you and use these when you join in with the twice daily feedings.

Wheelchair Accessibility

All of the inside sections of the aquarium and restaurant are accessible by those in wheelchairs or with wheely walkers. There are also accessible toilets inside the main section of Reefworld.

There are 3 steps down to the section where you feed the turtles and sharks, but there is a viewing platform available for those in wheelchairs who are not able to get down to the lower level.

Reasons to Visit Reefworld, Urangan

  • Centrally located
  • 2 live feeds each day
  • Entry tickets allows for free access in and out throughout the day
  • Waterfront restaurant open for morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea 8pm to 4pm from Wednesday to Sunday
  • Restaurant also caters for wedding receptions, birthday parties, functions and conferences
  • Option to swim with the sharks is available
  • Stunning live coral displays
  • Unique design using natural sunlight and seawater
  • Touch pool with a variety of marine creatures
  • Feed and pat the turtles
  • Feed the sharks and large, reef fish