The Eagle Hanggliding is located near the Tahune Airwalk in the Tahune Forest in South-Western Tasmania. It is about a thirty minute drive from Geeveston and about two and half hours drive from Hobart.

Greg, Tehillah and I stayed the previous night in the Tahune Airwalk Lodge and so did not have far to go in the morning to the hang gliding.

We got up and after breakfast, we checked out of the lodge. We then went over to the Tahune Airwalk customer service desk and paid for our tickets on the eagle gliding.

Tristan then met us and told us where to go for the Eagle Hang Gliding. Tristan drove his ute down the dirt track and the three of us walked down the hill.

When we got there, Greg decided that he would go first. You can see from this video below that Greg had a great time and enjoyed his rides of the cable hang glider.


After Greg, Tehillah and then Leanne had their goes.

Leanne took her camera on the ride with her and so was able to capture the perspective of the rider, while enjoying the hang glider experience.

You can hear from Leanne laughing what a wonderful time she had. It was an absolutely Awesome experience!

Greg videoed Leanne to show the perspective of the cable gliding from the ground.


The views are absolutely breathtaking. The pristine, flowing Huon River below the cable and the bridge to the airwalk off in the distance.

While sitting underneath the hang glider the rider also has the ability to swing around in a 360 degree turn to take in and enjoy the views in every direction. If you prefer, the rider can just sit still and enjoy the view from the one position. The choice is totally up to each individual rider.

Tahune Eagle Hang Gliding Address:

Tahune Forest Reserve,
Arve Road, Geeveston TAS 7116

Eagle hang gliding was a great experience and something that we hope to be able to do again one day.

Without hesitation we highly recommend Eagle Hang Gliding to others who may be considering a visit to the Southern Forests in Tasmania. A once in a lifetime opportunity for many people, this is something that you do not want to miss out on!


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Tahune Forest Reserve Aerial View:

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In our next travel post we will take you on our relaxing and exciting walk on the Tahune Airwalk, as our guide, Ian, showed us the natural beauty and features around the airwalk.

So until next time, Remember to Enjoy Life and Enjoy going Hang Gliding!

Leanne Annett <><

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