Prepare for Daylight Savings Time

Daylight Saving Time comes around quickly each year in New Zealand and Australia. See the tables below for more specific details of Specific Dates.

The following States and Territories do have Daylight Saving:

  • New South Wales
  • Victoria
  • ACT / Canberra
  • South Australia
  • Tasmania

You can refer to the tables below for more information of DLS start and end dates over the coming years up to 2019 for both Australia and New Zealand!

Start DLS later in 2014: For those interested in when daylight savings starts later in 2014 this is for you. 🙂 Before you head to bed on Saturday 4th October 2014 you need to move all of your watches and clocks forward 1 hour in Australia. This same procedure needs to be done on the night of Saturday 27th September 2014 if you live in New Zealand. This will ensure all of the times are correctly set to DLS time when you awake Sunday morning 28th September 2014 in NZ or 5th October 2014 in Oz.

End DLS 2015: Before you go to bed on Saturday night 5th April 2015 (in both New Zealand and Australia) you need to set all of your clocks and watches back 1 hour.  So when you get up on the morning of Sunday 6th April 2015 your clocks will all show the correct time. Note: smart phones, computers and other electronic equipment may already have inbuilt DLS settings and so you may not need to manually change the time on these devices.

These are the important dates to mark on your calendar if you live in one of these areas of our nation. This table shows important Australian Daylight Savings dates up to 2019.

 Aust Start DLS Year  Start DLS Date  Aust End DLS Year  End DLS Date
 2011  Sunday 2 Oct   2012  Sunday 1 April
 2012  Sunday 7 Oct   2013  Sunday 7 April
 2013  Sunday 6 Oct   2014  Sunday 6 April
 2014  Sunday 5 Oct   2015  Sunday 5 April
 2015  Sunday 4 Oct   2016  Sunday 3 April
 2016  Sunday 2 Oct   2017  Sunday 2 April
 2017  Sunday 1 Oct   2018  Sunday 1 April
 2018  Sunday 7 Oct   2019  Sunday 7 April
 2019  Sunday 6 Oct   2020  Sunday 5 April

At 2am on Sunday 5th October 2014 the clocks in the States and Territories above all need to be moved forward an hour to 3am.

3am is Start of Daylight Savings TimeThe easiest way to remember to do this is before retiring for the night on Saturday 4th October 2014, just set your clocks an hour faster. This way when you awake on Sunday morning your clocks will all be set correctly.

Then in 2015 you will need to set your clocks back an hour at the end of Daylight Savings time. So at 3am on April 5th 2015 the clocks need to be turned back to 2am.

So before going to bed on Saturday 4th April 2015 move your clocks all back one hour and you will be all set with the correct times when you get up on Sunday morning the 5th of April 2015.

The States and Territories that do not currently have DLS are:

  • Queensland
  • Western Australia
  • Northern Territory

It is also important to keep Daylight Savings in mind when you are travelling between different states as it can become confusing if you are not aware of the different times in each area.

This can especially become a problem in areas such as the Gold Coast that does not currently have Daylight savings and yet is on the border with Tweed Heads, in NSW, that does have Daylight saving time.

If you mark the dates above in your calendar, then you should be fine and not become confused with the time differences.

Daylight Savings Time New Zealand

New Zealand also has daylight, but the dates are slightly different from Australia, but also involves moving the clocks forward an hour at the start of the season.

  NZ Start DLS Date   NZ End DLS Date
 Last Sunday in September
  First Sunday in April

So if you are in New Zealand, or travelling to New Zealand then do the following:
Last Sunday in September: Put all clocks forward One hour on the last Saturday night in September, before retiring to bed.
First Sunday in April:  Put all clocks back One hour on the Saturday night that occurs just before the first Sunday in April, before you go to bed that Saturday night.

 NZ Start DLS Year  Start DLS Date    NZ End DLS Year  End DLS Date
 2011  Sunday 25 September     2012  Sunday 1 April
 2012  Sunday 30 September     2013  Sunday 7 April
 2013  Sunday 29 September     2014  Sunday 6 April
 2014  Sunday 28 September     2015  Sunday 5 April
 2015  Sunday 27 September     2016  Sunday 3 April
 2016  Sunday 25 September     2017  Sunday 2 April
 2017  Sunday 24 September     2018  Sunday 1 April
 2018  Sunday 30 September     2019  Sunday 7 April
 2019  Sunday 29 September     2020  Sunday 5 April

Updating Your Clocks & Devices

Change Clock Times for Daylight SavingsNote that there are many devices that you will need to change the time on. Some electronic items, such as mobile phones and computers, may already have inbuilt settings that will adjust for Daylight savings automatically, if you have set it up for this automatic update.

Devices to update time on may include:

  • Wall Clocks
  • Watches
  • Mobile Phones
  • Clock radios
  • Car Clocks
  • DVD players
  • Microwave ovens
  • Computers
  • Electronic refrigerators

This list is not exhaustive, but does give an indication of the quantity and kinds of items that you need to keep in mind when allowing for daylight savings time changes.

You can also see a World Map of time zones here showing the places with Daylight savings time in the Southern Hemisphere shown in light green and the Northern Hemisphere shown in yellow.

NYE Fireworks Welcome 20132012 is about to end and the new year of 2013 is just around the corner. Get ready to count down and watch as the clock strikes midnight. Most of us enjoy the festivities and want to be a part of the New Year’s celebrations, but we are not all able to stay up late and see the fireworks spectacular are 12 midnight!

Families with young children are one such group that often cannot all keep awake until 12am. Even if the parents stay up their kids are many times not able to keep their eyes open long enough to see the colorful light displays.

It is also being said that 9pm is the new midnight, as more and more hard working Aussies are just too tired to stay up those extra couple of hours to see in January 2013.

So you may be wondering if there are any other options where you can still enjoy some fireworks displays on the popular sunny Gold Coast in Queensland, without exhausting yourself by staying up late.

Well you are in luck as there are several earlier fireworks options for us Gold Coasters.

Family Fireworks 31 December 2012:

2013 Welcomed with NYE FireworksWhile many locations have the typical midnight fireworks spectacular displays, there are also several suburbs that have family oriented celebrations. Some of these locations also offer live music and entertainment in the evening prior to the colorful explosions of light that will later fill the sky. Amusement rides will also be available at some of the sites for those who want to end 2012 in a fun style!

Road Closures

Some roads on the Gold Coast will be closed in preparation for the 2012 celebrations. Keep these closures in mind while planing getting to and from the venue.

Paradise Point– The Esplanade from Donald Avenue to Falkinder Avenue from 6pm to 10pm.
Coolangatta – Marine Parade from Warner Street to Dutton Street from 6pm to 1am.
Surfers Paradise – The Esplanade from Hanlon Street to View Avenue and at the intersection of Cavill Avenue East with Surfers Paradise Blvd from 6pm to 4am.

Gold Coast Fireworks Locations 2012

Check out the list below for more information on each specific location.

Surfers Paradise

Surfers Paradise foreshore offers one probably the most popular fireworks extravaganza on the Gold Coast each New Year’s eve. Many thousands of locals and tourists join together to bring in the new year on the gorgeous white sands of this world renowned beach.

Live entertainment will begin at 6.30pm Monday 31st December 2012.

Fireworks Address:

Surfers Paradise Foreshore Beach
Surfers Paradise

Family Fireworks Time:


NYE Fireworks Display at Midnight

Yes there will also be a fantastic display of colourful fireworks on the dot at 12 midnight.


Live entertainment for the whole family will begin at 6pm. There will also be fun rides for the kids.

Fireworks Address:

Southport Broadwater Parklands,
Marine Parade
Southport, Qld

Family Fireworks Time:



Many people will flock to Kurrawa Park for two delightful fireworks displays on New Year’s Eve 2012.

Fireworks Address:

Kurrawa Park,

Family Fireworks Time:

8pm – Nice and early for the kids!

Main Fireworks Display at Midnight

As well as the 8pm display there will also be fireworks set off at midnight.

Main Beach

Fireworks Address:

Near the Southport Surf Life Saving Club,
Macarthur Parade
Main Beach
Gold Coast

Family Fireworks Time:


Fireworks Display at Midnight

A second fireworks show will occur at midnight at Main Beach.


Fireworks Address:

The Promenade
Robina Town Centre,
Robina Town Centre Drive,

Family Fireworks Time:


Live Entertainment

Entertainment will occur from 6pm to 10pm with lots of live music and performers to keep the whole family amused. You can also reserve a table for your and your friends or family at one of the restaurants along the Promenade. This way you are sure to have a great view of all of the fireworks at 9pm.

Paradise Point

Fireworks Address:

Paradise Point Parklands,
The Esplanade
Paradise Point

Family Fireworks Time:



Fun live entertainment will be onsite from approximately 5.30pm to 10pm.


Fireworks Address:

Viney Park,
Dreamworld Parkway,

Family Fireworks Time:


Live Entertainment & Fun

Come and enjoy some fun, live entertainment for all the family from approximately 5pm to 12.30am on 1st January 2013!

Fireworks Display at Midnight

Those who come to Coomera will have 2 fireworks shows, 9pm and 12am as well as ongoing entertainment right and food stalls into the new year of 2013.


Fireworks Address:

Coolangatta beach

Family Fireworks Time:

9pm (Queensland time)

Main Fireworks Display at Midnight

12am (Queensland time)

NSW Fireworks Locations

Byron Bay, NSW

Just over the border from Queensland into New South Wales, we have the popular seaside town of Byron Bay, which is also joining in the New Year’s eve festivities. This site will be family friendly and alcohol free.

Fireworks Address:

Apex Park
Main Beach beach front
Byron Bay, NSW

Family Fireworks Time:

9pm (NSW time)

Main Fireworks Display at Midnight

Markets and Entertainment from 4pm til midnight with fireworks at midnight (NSW time)

Tweed Heads

Fireworks Address:

Jack Evans Boat Harbour
Coral Street,
Tweed Heads

Fireworks Display at Midnight

One fireworks display will occur at 12am midnight (NSW time)

Banora Point

Fireworks Address:

Banora Point
Club Banora,
Leisure Drive,
Banora Point

Family Fireworks Time:

9pm (NSW time)

2nd Fireworks Display at Midnight

At 12am (NSW time) there will be a second fireworks show. Live Entertainment will also occur from around 8pm.


Fireworks Address:

Crabbes Creek Community Hall,
Crabbes Creek Road,
Crabbes Creek

Family Fireworks Time:

9pm (NSW time)

Fireworks Display at Midnight

Midnight (NSW time) will be the second fireworks display in Murwillumbah.

What to Bring?

Remember to bring along your party hats, glow sticks, glow light necklaces for the kids and some sparklers so that you whole family will be able to feel a part of the 2012 celebrations.

You may also want to bring some folding chairs or a picnic rug and of course some nibblies to keep everyone satisfied.

Keep in mind that many people will be arriving early. So come along as soon as you can to secure your place for a great viewing of the fireworks and festivities.

Gold Coast New Year’s Eve Weather

Much of the east coast of Australia is set to have perfect weather as we celebrate the end of 2012 and look forward to beginning 2013.

Specifically on the Gold Coast we are meant to have a sunny afternoon and then an evening with clear skies and pleasant conditions. There should only be light winds and temperatures of around 22 degrees.

These expected weather conditions and clear, cloudless skies should make for perfect fireworks viewings!

Happy New Year 2012

Be sure to comment below and share your New Year’s Eve 2012 celebrations. What did you and your family do to celebrate the new year? Where did you go and how were the Gold Coast fireworks displays that you saw? What New Year’s resolutions have you set for yourself for 2013?

We look forward to reading your comments and to replying to you.

Happy New Year 2013! May it be a blessed year for you and your loved ones!

Every year around the end of August or beginning of September we celebrate the Gold Coast show here in sunny Queensland. The three-day event runs from Friday through to Sunday.

*** Remember to write down this year’s Gold Coast Show Public Holiday date!

Gold Coast Show Day Holiday 2012: Friday 31 August 2012

You can come and enjoy the 2012 Gold Coast show at Parklands Showgrounds, which can be found at the corner of Smith Street and Parklands Drive in Southport on Queensland’s sunny Gold Coast.

Dates 2012: Friday 31st August, Saturday 1st September and Sunday 2nd September 2012

Gold Coast Show 2012

Last Year’s Gold Coast Show 2011

Last year in 2011 the show began on Friday 2nd September 2011 with the Gold Coast Public Holiday and concluded on Sunday 4th September 2011.

Gold Coast Show Holiday 2011: Friday 2 September 2011

Dates 2011: Friday 2nd September, Saturday 3rd September and Sunday 4th September 2011

Times 2011 & 2012:

  • Fri & Sat 9.00am – 9.00pm
  • Sunday 9.00am – 7.30pm

Ticket Prices 2011 & 2012:

 Family (2A & 3C under 14 yrs)  $45.00
 Adults  $20.00
 Students, Pensioners, Seniors  $10.00
 Children (under 14)  $5.00
 Pre-School Children  FREE
 Car parking  $10.00


Venue: Parklands Showgrounds,

Cnr Smith St and Parklands Drive, Southport, Qld

View Larger Map


  • Phone: 07 5591 3422
  • Email:


2011 is set to be as good, if not better than previous years, with fun activities and rides to amuse all of the family.

There are many fun activities to do that everyone is sure to find something that they will enjoy.

  • Animal Nursery & Poultry
  • Dog Show
  • Horse Events – Show-jumping
  • Goat Competitions
  • Showbags, Sideshows & Rides
  • FREE Circus
  • Fantastic Food
  • Goldsteins Fireworks Display
  • Evening Entertainment
  • Homecraft Competition & Displays
  • Homeshow Displays &Trade Exhibits
  • School Displays & Competitions
  • Stage Shows & Roving Entertainment
  • Motorsports Exhibits
  • Vintage Cars
  • Visual Arts Competition
  • Woodchopping Championships

*** Remember to write down next year’s Gold Coast Show Public Holiday date!

Gold Coast Show Holiday 2013: Friday 30th August 2013

Below is a short video clip from a previous Gold Coast show to give you an overview of what to expect.


History of Gold Coast Show

Gold Coast Show 2011 is the 105th year of this major Gold Coast event. Back in 2006 we celebrated 100 years of this annual, local show.

When I searched online I found references to “The Southport Show” even back to circa 1903 and 1905 so even in these early years there was something happening. There was horse shoeing and floral and vegetable displays for people to enjoy in the early days.

The show was first held at the old Recreation Reserve, site of the Woodroffe Park in Lawson Street, Southport behind the Southport RSL. It was referred to as “The Southport Show” until the name changed to “South Coast Show” in 1952. Then later in about 1959, the name was changed again to “The Gold Coast Show”.

Once the annual show outgrew the facilities at the old Recreation Reserve it moved to land donated by the Owen family. This became known as Owen Park and is in Queens Street Southport. The Annual Gold Coast Show remained in Owen Park until 1988.

Then in 1989 the show moved to the current location of Parklands, Southport. Parklands is situated on the corner of Smith Street Motorway and Parklands Drive and consists of 47 hectares. Specially built facilities were constructed, including Harness and Greyhound racing facilities.

So why not gather up the whole family and come out for a fun and memorable day at this years Annual Gold Coast Show?

Find out more about the popular Gold Coast Show weekend here.

Monday 24th October 2011 saw Queen Elizabeth II And Prince Philip fly into Brisbane airport, Queensland, arriving at 11.11am. This visit comes 23 years after the Queen was last in Brisbane in 1988 to open Expo 88.

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh then travelled, in her motorcade, from the airport to Bretts Wharf for their Brisbane River cruise.

The Royal couple were then led down pontoon at Bretts Wharf, with Premier Anna Bligh following behind with her husband, Greg Withers.

They then boarded the top level of the 27m-luxury catamaran, Pure Adrenalin to begin their cruise down the Brisbane River.

Many thousands of people crowded the shores of the Brisbane River in order to catch a glimpse of the Royal Couple as the Pure Adrenalin cat cruised by. Many of these were school students in their school uniforms. All eager to see the Queen!

Apparently some of the folk lining the river banks became quite vocal and included wolf whistles, yelps, cheers, claps and, inevitably, ‘Aussie, Aussie, Aussie; Oi, Oi, Oi’! A true blue Australian welcome to Queen Elizabeth and her husband, Prince Philip.

The catamaran, Pure Adrenalin, then travelled to South Bank, where Police estimated the crowd ready to greet Her Majesty was approximately 45,000 people.

The Royal Couple disembarked the luxury catamaran and then attended a short, private reception for those affected by Queensland floods and cyclones, earlier in 2011.

Over 200 people were then, quite tightly, squeezed into the Rainforest Green to hear the Queen officially reopen the area, and to launch the water recycling system Rain Bank.

The official party were all seated undercover to protect them from the scorching sun. The Queen sat between Anna Bligh and Prince Philip. The crowd listened intently to the official speeches, even though the sun was quite intense, on this lovely, clear, sunny Queensland day.

Queen Elizabeth took the stand and applauded Queenslanders for persevering after the January floods and then cyclone Yasi and for bravely rebuilding!

As Her Majesty departed the Rain Bank, the crowd spontaneously broke into song, singing ‘God Save the Queen’.

The Royal Couple enjoyed a private luncheon, which then wound up their whirlwind visit to Brisbane, Queensland.

After arriving at 11.11am this morning, Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh departed at 3.41pm in the Royal Australian Air Force jet. Hence, the Royal couple spent a total of four hours and 30 minutes, before flying back to Canberra.

In two days time, on Wednesday 26th October 2011, the Royal couple will travel to Melbourne.

From Melbourne Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip fly to Perth in Western Australia. While in Perth, the Queen will officially open the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM). CHOGM will be the largest event held in Perth in almost fifty years, with leaders from more than 50 Commonwealth nations in attendance.

It is expected that the Royal couple will also take part in other public appearances, while in WA. This will be Queen Elizabeth’s eighth visit to Western Australia.

On October 29th 2011, the Queen and Prince Philip will depart Australia from the Perth airport, after completing Queen Elizabeth’s 16th official visit to Australia.

It is uncertain if the Queen will return to Australia in the future. The Queen really is amazing to do all that she does for age 85, so only time will tell if she will be back for another visit in future years.

Queen Elizabeth II has begun her 16th official Australian visit in Canberra and will spend most of this trip in our Nation’s Capital. On Wednesday, the Queen and her husband, Prince Philip arrived in Canberra’s ACT, for their Official Royal Australian visit. They both began immediately into their 11-day Aussie trip, by waving to many children and adults gathered to welcome them to Australian soil.

Queen Elizabeth II first visited Australia back in February 1954. Since this time she has visited every state in Australia as well as the ACT and Northern Territory.

The Queen also visited Australia again in the following years:

  • February 1963,
  • March 1970,
  • October 1973,
  • February 1974,
  • March 1977,
  • May 1980,
  • September and October 1981,
  • October 1982,
  • March 1986,
  • April 1988,
  • February 1990 (for refuelling only),
  • February 1992,
  • March 2000,
  • February 2002,
  • March 2006,
  • October 2011.

Many people think that this will be Queen Elizabeth II’s last visit to Australia since she is now 85 years old, but only the future will tell if that is true or not. Even in the first 2 days of this Aussie trip, she has shown that even at age 85, she has more energy than many others of us.

Shortly after arriving, the Queen received a bouquet of flowers from a lady who had also presented flowers to her back on Queen Elizabeth’s first Australian visit in 1954. This young lady was only six years old when she first met the Queen all those many years ago. Margaret Cunningham said to Queen Elizabeth, “It is lovely to see you again after all these years.”

The annual flower show, known as the Floriade, was held in Canberra from 17 September to 16 October 2011. Next year in 2012 the Floriade will celebrate its 25th year. Even though the show finished a few days before Queen Elizabeth II’s arrival in Australia, the event coordinators of the Floriade decided to provide a special invitation to Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, to come and view the spectacular flowers on display. Needless to say that Queen Elizabeth seemed very impressed with the gorgeous, colourful flower displays as she walked through Floriade.

Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh also enjoyed a relaxing cruise on Lake Burley Griffin. The boat that was especially transported from Sydney Harbour to Canberra for this auspicious event was The Admiral’s Barge. It is a 12.8 metre Royal Navy boat that has decks made from teak and royal blue flanks. Perfect for a Royal visit.

The Royal Couple will be spending most of their 11 days in Australia around Canberra, but they are also going to visit Perth, Melbourne and Queensland.