The first port that we stopped at on our recent cruise holiday was at Noumea, New Caledonia. We arrived in port around 2.30pm on Monday and went ashore around 3.30pm.

We changed some Australian dollars at the money changer just off the ship at the information desk and took some happy snaps with us holding our foreign currency.

Then we walked the short distance to the park where the bus stop was located and we waited for the bus to Lemon Bay (Baie des Citrons in French)

We ended up following some other passengers from the ship and went onto the next bus stop before getting off. We then relaxed for a couple of hours and went snorkeling.

The water was not that clear, but we could still see the coral and many beautiful tropical fish swimming around amongst the coral.

The sun began to set and God blessed us with a gorgeous sunset.

We walked the short distance back to the bus stop at Lemon Bay and waited 15 minutes for the bus to arrive. It was easy to find where we needed to get off the bus for the ship as the bus stop was located in the middle of the park.

It was getting dark by this stage so we made our way back to the port, had a look around the small market just next to the ship as the sellers packed up their wares.

We took a few last photos before re-boarding the Pacific Dawn. It was then dinner time and so we enjoyed some more of the tasty food in the dining room.

We enjoyed our trip to the Baie des Citrons, in Noumea, New Caledonia. It may have been short, only around 4 hours ashore, but it was still a fun time and we still got to swim, snorkel, enjoy the coral and fish and take 2 bus rides with the locals.

We love traveling and seeing the world!

Going on a cruise has been a dream of mine for as far back as I can remember. The thought of cruising along on a ship, looking out at the ocean and blue skies, and stopping in at exotic ports has been on my To-Do list for many years.

Well I am pleased to say that this month we have been blessed to see this dream fulfilled!

Pacific Dawn Cruise Ship - Leanne AnnettI was blessed to travel with my husband, Greg, our son, Allan and daughter, Tehillah. Two of my brothers, Jeff and Brett, also came with us.

There was one sad point, in that my mum had also dreamed all of her life of going on a cruise and was all booked in for this cruise. Unfortunately, mum was in hospital at the time of the cruise and so she will now have to wait for our next cruising holiday.

The rest of us set of on our trip of a lifetime on Saturday morning 11th December 2010. We left home on the Gold Coast around 9am to drive up to the Port in Brisbane.

After changing the flat tyre that we discovered when we jumped in the car to leave, we set off with no further hassles or problems. We parked our car at the long-term parking at Priority and went on their shuttle bus to the port.

Pacific Dawn Cruise Ship BoardingI was so excited when I saw the cruise ship in the distance. I must have sounded like a child on Christmas morning, I was so happy to be finally heading off on our long-awaited cruise!

We checked our luggage and then set off to wander around the Port to see that ship from the viewing area up on the upper level above the shops, while we waited for our letter to be announced for boarding.

A little later we came back to the boarding area and found that our letter, M, was up on the screen. So the 6 of us set to board the ship and start our holiday.

I will be writing multiple articles over the coming days about our 7 days at sea and the ports that we visited.

We are sure to go on more cruises in future years as it really is a great way to holiday. Once you are on board the meals are included, the cabins are cleaned every day and the bedding changed every second day. Everything you need can be found on-board.

So get ready for more posts about our fun, family cruise holiday!

Until then enjoy the world around you!