The Uprising Resort Fiji is the perfect spot for a peaceful holiday for couples or families. Uprising is located in Pacific Harbour around 45 minutes drive from Fiji’s capital, Suva and approximately 2 hours from Nadi (pronounced “Nandi”).

Accommodation Prices Per Night (October 2012):

Note that the prices listed below are per night and each includes a lite continental breakfast.

The prices for the Villas and Bures are for 2 people per night. The price for the dormitory is for 1 person per night.

Beachfront Villas $375 FJD (double)
Garden View Villas $335 FJD (double)
Beachfront Bures $255 FJD (double)
Garden View Bures $235 FJD (double)
Backpackers’ Dorm $40 FJD / person

Obviously the higher your travel budget the more luxurious the accommodation that you can book. But regardless of whether you stay in a luxurious beachfront villa, complete with air con, or share with others in the backpackers dorm, you will still be able to enjoy the amazing location and all of the fun activities that the Pacific Harbour region has to offer.

Booking Tip:

Remember to check out the special package offers that the Uprising resort itself and other travel companies may be offering at the time you want to book. It may well be that you can find a great discount deal that includes a breakfast each morning and possibly even some fun activities as well. So have a look around online or through a local travel agent before you confirm your booking.

Distances From Suva & Nadi:

Uprising beach resort is in a tranquil location on the gorgeous Fijian island of Viti Levu.

Below you can see a table of distances and the approximate times that it takes to drive to the Uprising Resort, Fiji from Viti Levu’s major cities.

Distance (km) Time
Suva to Uprising, Pacific Harbour 50 km 45-60 mins
Nadi to Uprising, Pacific Harbour 140 km 2-2.5 hours

Keep in mind that travel times are approximate. If you hire a car and drive yourself then you may be able to get there a little faster (if you don’t stop along the way to enjoy some of the beautiful scenery!). In public transport and shuttles there may be additional stops along the way, which means that the trip may be slightly longer than you originally thought.

NOTE: Not all of Fiji’s roads are well maintained. Around the south of the Viti Levu island the road from Nadi to Suva (including Pacific Harbour) is quite good in most places. Some spots, however, are quite bumpy and so you may find the trip somewhat tiring.

Travel Tip:

Remember to have a bottle of water with you for the trip and enjoy the stunning scenery and landscapes along the way. If you do this then the time will pass quickly and you will soon be at your destination and ready to enjoy an amazing Fijian holiday!

Cheap Shuttle Bus From Nadi To Uprising Resort:

One inexpensive and yet reliable way to get to the Uprising Resort is to book a trip on the Coral Sun Express Shuttle. This bus picks travelers up from the Nadi Airport twice daily at 7.30am and 1pm and then stops along the way at Nadi town and then major hotels and resorts all the way to Suva.

There are also 2 trips from Suva to Nadi airport two times a day. These leave Suva at 7.15am and 3.30pm.

Uprising Resort Address:

The Uprising Beach Resort,
Beach Road,
Pacific Harbour,
Fiji Islands

Telephone: (679) 3452200
Fax: (679) 3452059

Uprising Postal Address:

P.O. Box 416
Pacific Harbour,
Fiji Islands


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Aerial View:

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Shopping & Attractions Near Uprising Resort:

It is a nice 5 minute walk to the township of Pacific Harbour where you will find some local sites and attractions that you can visit.

  • Arts Village
  • Church – services held each week

Within the Arts Village you will find a range of different stores and shops selling clothing, sportswear, Fijian jewellery, carvings, handcrafts, CDs and lots of souvenirs. There is also a grocery store, cinema and swimming pool complex.

Read Reviews From Other Travellers:

Many people have taken the time to write reviews of Uprising on Trip Advisor for travelers to find out more. Currently there are over 120 reviews that you can read and use as part of your research.

Just about all of the reviews are positive. The one thing that many people say was a negative is the distance that you need to travel in order to arrive at the resort at Pacific Harbour. If you are able to plan your trip well and book a taxi or shuttle bus then you will find that the 45 minutes from Suva or 2 hours from Nadi will pass quickly enough.

Enjoy your vacation at the Uprising Resort, Bega Bay.