Coffs Harbour Butterfly House Bonville, UlyssesLast year in August, Greg and I were in Coffs Harbour with Leanne’s mum. On this last visit we also went to the Butterfly house in Bonville. So we were excited to come back again for another visit this time.

The butterfly house is located in Bonville and is only a short drive south of Coffs Harbour. It takes approximately 15 minutes by car from Coffs.

Coffs Harbour Butterfly House, Maze, Tea-Rooms BonvilleThere are three main features that the Coffs Butterfly House offers to its guests. These are the butterfly glasshouse itself, the Wooden Maze complete with a fun questionnaire and then an outdoor, garden-setting cafe where you can order morning or afternoon tea or light lunches.

Last August we enjoyed a lovely morning tea, which comprised of scones, jam & cream as part of the Devonshire tea and a hot drink. The homemade scones were some of the very best that we had ever enjoyed so it was with delight that we looked forward to a Devonshire tea again on this vacation.

Coffs Harbour Butterfly House, Australian ButterfliesGreg and I purchased our tickets and then went straight into the butterfly house to start enjoying the butterflies. There is always a guide inside the glasshouse who is happy to explain all about butterflies and to answer any questions that visitors may have.

There are many different species of Australian butterflies that happily fly around this subtropical rainforest setting. Visitors are free to walk around the paths inside the glass-house and to view the hundreds of different coloured butterflies.

It is important to keep alert and watch out for any butterflies that may be resting on the path, so that they are not stepped on and squashed.

Greg was blessed to have multiple butterflies over the hours that we were there land on his head and arms.

Leanne had one butterfly land on her arm and it stayed there for around 5 minutes. This butterfly could have been drinking the perspiration that was on Leanne’s arm as they find sweat sweet to the taste and enjoy drinking it, according to the guide.

It is a lovely experience walking among the hundreds of live butterflies in many varied colours and patterns. It is even more exciting when they decide to land and have a rest on our heads, arms or bodies.

We love watching the butterflies and highly recommend the Butterfly House to anyone planning a vacation to the Coffs Harbour region of the Mid-North Coast of NSW.

In our next post we will take a look at some of the individual butterflies that we saw first-hand on our visit to this well-loved and enjoyed holiday destination.

Until then, remember to enjoy life and enjoy travelling the world, no matter which part of the world you are in.

Leanne <><

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