On Saturday morning we did not rush off early to explore, rather we relaxed, enjoyed the sunrise and had a laid-back morning.

We headed off mid-morning to pick up a friend who lives in Hobart and then continued on towards Mt Wellington. We had brought a snow toboggan with us from the Gold Coast hoping to find snow so that we could go tobogganing, so we were eager to see if we could indeed find any snow!

As we came up towards the Tasman Hwy Bridge over the Derwent River we could see Mt Wellington in front of us with clouds covering part of the large mountain. This was the first time that we had really seen how big Mt Wellington was and so we enjoyed the experience.

View of Mt Wellington, Hobart, From Tasman BridgeAfter we crossed the river we proceeded to climb up towards the entry to Mt Wellington. We stopped at one point and were able to get a good view of the Tasman Bridge from a different angle. It certainly stands out from the other buildings and structures in Hobart.

Tasman Bridge Over the Derwent River in Hobart, Tasmania

Drive From Hobart To Mt Wellington

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As we climbed higher up the mountain we saw a few places where water was flowing out of the side of the hill. One of these spots looked like a miniature waterfall. Water was just appearing out of the side of the mountain and dripping off the leaves of the plants. It was really beautiful!

Small Waterfall on Mt Wellington, Hobart, TasmaniaWe took our time driving up the mountain and made sure that we enjoyed as much as possible along the way. There are several spots to stop on the drive up and, if you have the time, you can enjoy some lovely walks to different sections of the mountain. We only stopped at places on the way up  where we could stay close to the car, but on the way back down we did take a walk out to Sphinx rock and were very glad that we did.

There were many trees on our drive up that were wind-blown and all that remained were the dead, grey trunks sticking up out of the ground. The wind gusts can get up around 200km/hour in extreme conditions on Mt Wellington and so the trees certainly do take a beating!

Then higher still we stopped at a gully full of distinctive coloured rocks. What made the picture even more captivating was the fact that at the end of the gully we had a lovely view of Hobart, the Derwent River and the Tasman Hwy and Bridge.

This gorgeous view was framed by a layer of white clouds on the top and the rocks in the gully and trees on the bottom of the picture. It was truly a sight to see!

View of Hobart from Mt Wellington, Tasmania

Next post will just be a short one with a quick video of our drive up Mt Wellington.


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