When we planned our vacation in Surfers Paradise we were looking for some things that we could do or places that we could visit that were different from anything else we had done on other holidays. So when we heard about the Infinity Attraction on the Gold Coast, that is located right in the centre of Surfers, we were quite excited!

We created a special video clip for you, which highlights some of the different worlds that you can experience for yourself inside Infinity. Watch the video and then read below to find out what a fun time Greg and I had at this exciting and unique Gold Coast attraction!

New Video coming soon.

Admission Prices:  (as at September 2012)

 Adult   $24.90
 Child (4-13 Years Inclusive)   $16.90
 Child (under 4 Years)  Free
 Seniors   $19.90
 Students (with ID)   $19.90
 Family Pass    (2 Adults + 2 Children )   $69.90
 Annual Pass    $68.90
 Annual Pass (Purchased Online)    $65.00







Times of Operation:

Daily: 10am – 10pm
Christmas Day: Closed
Anzac Day: 1:00pm – 10pm


On average it takes around 40 minutes to complete the fun journey through the infinite worlds of Infinity. This, of course, will vary depending on the time you spend in each unique world.


2 hours free parking at Chevron Renaissance
Ask the INFINITY Crew for a parking sticker


Shop 31 Chevron Renaissance , 3240 Surfers Paradise Blvd, Surfers Paradise, Australia 4217


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Since we had never been inside the Infinity attraction we had totally open minds as to what we would see when we entered. We were not disappointed!

Infinity is made up of over 20 different worlds. Each world has its own unique special features and aspects, making each part of this journey an experience in itself.

Every one of your senses is stimulated and fully engaged from the moment you step through the entry to the time that you exit. Music, lights, lasers, motion, mirrors and physical textures and shapes are all used in totally awesome ways that fully engage all of your different senses.

Direction of Travel Inside Infinity

It is important to keep in mind that you travel through the worlds inside the Infinity attraction in one direction only. We found that in some of the worlds it was slightly challenging to find the way out of that particular world and into the next.

At one point, Greg even started back tracking, thinking that there was no way to proceed and that we were meant to go back the way we had come.

But as long as you are aware that there is always a way to travel between the various environments then you will be fine and will not make the mistake that we did. So just use a bit of persistence and you will find the way to go to travel onto the next world!

My Favourite Worlds

I totally enjoyed the journey through Infinity, but had a couple of favourite worlds. I loved the “Electron Maze”, which is one of the first environments that you encounter in the maze-like connection of infinite worlds. I found the sounds and the different coloured lights that went on and on infinitely to be stimulating and relaxing at the same time.

One of the things that I appreciated was that each person who goes through the Infinity attraction can take their time as they go. So if there is a particular world that you especially like then there is nothing stopping you from lingering and enjoying it a little longer.

My next favourite was the kaleidoscopes. This world was absolutely amazing! The varied colours and different shapes and patterns went on infinitely in every direction. So if you looked above or below or to the left or right it didn’t matter. The beautiful kaleidoscope patterns kept moving and changing. I spent quite a while just standing and looking all around me, taking it in.

I found this world truly relaxing and soothing.

Greg and I had fun in the world with the strobe lights and large balls. We could only see each other when the strobe came on every few seconds and then the next time the light came on we were each in a different position. It made us laugh out loud as we each moved our arms and heads and then waited to see what the other one had done.

Scary Worlds

I did find a couple of the worlds with less light in them to be slightly scary, but then my kids will tell you that I am a bit of a wimp when it comes to being scared! I walked closely behind Greg in these environments and allowed him to find the way through to the next world.

I know that Infinity has some conditions of entry and recommendations that they give on their website. You can read these below.

Conditions of Entry:

There are a few important points that you need to keep in mind when planning your trip to the Infinity attraction in Surfers Paradise. These points are summarized here:

  • Not recommended for children with an unusual fear of darkness
  • Young children must be able to walk through without assistance
  • Prams and children in backpacks cannot be admitted
  • Children under 8 years must be supervised by an adult
  • High-heeled shoes are NOT permitted

I think visitors need to know their children and decide if they are likely to enjoy travelling through the worlds of wonder or if they are likely to become scared while on the journey. I have a niece who is just turning 4 years old and I know, with her personality, that she would enjoy some sections with all of the pretty lights, but would be scared by the darker worlds where she had to squeeze past objects that she could only feel, but not see.

Some younger children may be best left with a baby sitter so that they are not frightened and the rest of family can come and enjoy all of the exciting and different environments. This way too, the child is free to come when they are a little older so that they will enjoy the full experience more.

Disabled or Special Needs Access

I specifically asked about whether people in wheelchairs or with wheelie walkers are able to come and enjoy this fun attraction, as I have someone in my family who needs a wheely walker to get around. I was pleased to hear that it is possible.

I was told that if you have someone with special needs that you should phone up and make a booking for a specific time for your visit and tell them about the special needs.

A staff member will then accompany the special needs person as they travel through the different worlds of Infinity. Instead of using the stairs at the start and end of the journey a lift is used and hence the wheelchair and its occupant is able to access and enjoy most of what other visitors get to see. There are a couple of environments that wheelchairs cannot get into, but this is limited.

So keep this in mind if you are holidaying and have someone with special needs in your family or group.

Special Discount Via Infinity Facebook Page

Go to Infinity Gold Coast’s fan page on Facebook. You can then “Like” the page and
find the special 20% Discount Coupon that you can Print out and take along to receive your special discount.

Note: This 20% discount is only available to Infinity Fan members and is valid until 31/01/2012.
So Go Now! Like Infinity on Facebook and get your Discount before it is removed!

Infinity Reward Club

You can also join the Infinity Reward club through the Infinity Gold Coast website. You will then receive E-Newsletter emails with information on special discounts and offers as they become available.

Greg and I really enjoyed the Infinity Attraction on the Gold Coast and highly recommend it to others. In fact we hope to get back and enjoy these unique worlds again soon.

As the Infinity motto says, “The Fun Never Ends!

Next time we are going to have some fun playing mini golf at King Tutt’s putt putt. So watch out for the next blog post.

Until then, Remember to Enjoy Life, Smile at a Stranger and Make a Difference in the World!

Leanne Annett <><

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