Over the coming days we will share with you all about the absolutely fantastic time that we had on our 8 day stay in Tasmania.

Jetstar Flight from Gold Coast to Hobart AirportOur first day in Tassie began when Greg and I flew from Coolangatta airport on the Gold Coast down to Hobart. Here we met up with our daughter, Tehillah, who had flown an hour earlier from Sydney to Hobart.

I had no idea that it was forbidden to bring any fresh fruit or vegetables into Tasmania, due to quarantine restrictions. So when we arrived at the airport to find a beagle sniffer dog sniffing everyone’s luggage and walking amongst the arrivals sniffing to see if anyone had any contraband, my heart started to pound!

Beware Tasmanian Sniffer Dog at AirportOur daughter loves broccoli and since she had recently moved down to NSW to live, I had packed a piece of broccoli to cook for her our first night in Tassie.

At first I was unsure what to do. I always endeavour to be honest and to obey the rules. So I went up to the security guards standing near by and told them about the broccoli. They directed me to a lady nearby who was in charge of customs at the time. She told me that since I had declared the vegetable that I would not have to pay a fine.

I felt relieved once I knew that I would not be fined! All I had to do then was get my suitcase and find the broccoli. I then handed it over to the lady and we were free to set off to begin our family holiday.

We also brought a snow slider toboggan with us, in case we found enough snow to go tobogganing in. So we had to wait until the oversized luggage was also taken off the plane.

With all of our luggage in hand we left the airport and found the Selective car hire desk. They gave us the keys to the car and we went to load up and set off.

We unfortunately found a couple off minor issues with the vehicle, such as the cigarette lighter not working, which meant that we could not operate our GPS unit that we had all programmed with places to visit on our Tassie holiday.

So we contacted the car rental desk again and they replaced the vehicle with a larger car at no additional charge, which was greatly appreciated.

We then set out on our first little trip in Tasmania. We headed for the Historic town of Richmond to visit the Old Hobart Town model village and to see the famous Richmond Bridge.

In our next blog post we will take you thru Old Hobart Town and see how the convicts and free settlers lived in the Hobart area in the 1820’s.

So until then, Remember to Enjoy Life and Enjoy a Fun Tasmanian Holiday!

Leanne Annett <><

Welcome to Hobart Airport, Tasmania

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