We enjoyed the walk back to the carpark after having our tour through Newdegate cave and were then greeted by a Black Currawong bird that came and sat on our car side mirror.

Prices (as at October 2012)

Thermal Springs Pool Only Newdegate Cave & Thermal Pool
Adult $5.00 $24.00
Child (5-17 Years Inclusive) $12.00 $2.50
Child (Under 5 Years) Free Free
Pensioner / Senior $4.00 $19.20
Health Care Cards $4.00 $19.20
Family Pass (2 Adults + 3 Kids) $12.00 $60.00


When we got to the Hastings thermal springs we took in our picnic bag to have our picnic lunch. Behind the Hastings cave visitor’s centre is a lovely garden setting around the thermal pool.

There are picnic tables outside on the grass and also several picnic tables under cover with lovely wood fires to ensure that everyone keeps nice and warm.

Before we went into the thermal pool we had a lovely stroll along the Platypus walk. We had hoped to see some platypus, but unfortunately just saw the flowing streams. The landscape was tranquil and relaxing, with the brown water flowing around the bends in the stream and the tree branches lying across and in the water.

Greg was the first one to get into the water and he found it slightly cold. When I asked Greg how the water was he answered, “Tepid.” Even though he comes from New Zealand originally, Greg is now acclimatized to Queensland weather and gets cold easily.

I was next in the water, while Tehillah videoed. Honestly the water was a lovely temperature. It was not hot, but it certainly was not cold. Tehillah then joined us and the all three of us had a nice swim and relax in the thermal pool.

Greg & Leanne at Hastings Thermal Hot Springs

The outside temperature was just less than 15 degrees Celsius, so when we got out of the water we made a quick dash to the showers to warm up and change into dry clothes.

After our shower and before leaving, we went into the undercover area to warm ourselves in front of the wood fireplaces. We discovered that there is also an electric BBQ near the tables for guests to use and cook a yummy hot lunch.

On our way out we stopped in the visitors’ centre and spoke with Jenny. She shared with us how she had grown up in the area around Tahune. As a child she used to come and swim in the hot spring when it was just in the bush and locals were the main ones who knew about it.

She said that the water in the spring actually flows down from the surface through the dolomite rock and is heated as it descends due to the friction. As the water returns to the surface it is further heated from the friction and comes out in a few places as springs along the Lune River flood plain.

The Hastings thermal spring was opened to the public in 1939, the same year that the Hastings cave was opened to the general public. It used to have a pebble base in the thermal pool and the water was at around 34 degrees Celsius.

In 1993, the bacteria levels in the spring were found to be too high. So a decision was made to remove the pebbles and concrete the pool.

The water was then taken, filtered and then put through a UV system to disinfect the water. This may have reduced the bacterial levels, but it also reduced the water temperature from 34 down to 28 degrees Celsius.

The Hastings thermal springs are still lovely and warm, just not as hot as they used to be. In fact, Jenny told us that it was good that we came in winter as the pool is packed with visitors in the warmer months.

Hastings Thermal Springs & Cave, Tasmania


Hastings Thermal Hot Springs Address:

Hastings Cave And Thermal Springs
754 Hastings Caves Road, Hastings TAS 7109


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Hastings Thermal Springs Aerial View:

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When we left the Hastings Cave we drove north to Geeveston and then inland 30 minutes to the Tahune Forest Airwalk.

In our next blog post, we will have a look at the Airwalk lodge where we stayed over night.

So until then, Remember to Enjoy Life and Enjoy a relaxing swim with friends!

Leanne Annett <><

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