Technology appears to be impacting many different areas of our lives, including our travel and holiday plans. We are now using apps on our smart phones as well as websites to help us arrange and organize our trips away from home.

Latest Technology Alters People's Travel HabitsAn article has just been written by Kate Schneider and published in The Australian discussing how we as Aussies are changing the way we plan our holidays by using some of the modern technology that now surrounds us each day.

  • Aussies ditching extensive holiday planning
  • Turning to phone apps and reviewing services
  • One in four Aussies planning a short trip

THE explosion of digital devices and the rise of group buying have seen Australians ditch extensive holiday planning over doing it on the go.


But one in four Australians say they are planning on taking more short trips at home in the next 12 months as they seek certainty and nostalgia in an increasingly complex world.

Facebook is also becoming a popular platform for travellers to share photos and memories from their trips. Many even share their pictures and videos during their holiday so that friends can share the journey with them.

According to TNS only 7 per cent left their phone at home during their last domestic holiday and 61 per cent own a smart phone.


“Travel is seen as one of the important enriching life experiences to which status is now attached… where people used to buy things, now they buy experiences,” the report found.


The study says the current Aussie mindset provides an historic opportunity to turn around the 8.7 per cent decline in trips since 1998 by promoting Australia as the “no worries” holiday.


But the number of Australians choosing overseas travel instead of domestic trips continued to increase with the perception it offers “new experiences” and satisfies those seeking fun, adventurous and relaxing trips.


Regardless of where they travel to, Aussies are resisting the urge to splurge, opting for smaller treats instead of large-scale indulgences and seeking the best value for money.

Many of us are investing time reading reviews from other travellers, on sites such as TripAdvisor, and using this information to then decide where we will stay and what we will do on our vacations. People are free to leave their honest opinions, whether positive or negative, and then these reviews can help other tourists make better informed decisions.

Please feel free to leave a comment below on how technology has affected your life and how you plan your family or business trips.

It is interesting to note that a couple of weeks after I wrote about Vic Hislop and our visit to Vic’s shark expo in Hervey Bay that a young man has been attacked by a shark on the Gold Coast!

Shark Attack on Gold CoastThis attack occurred off Nobby Beach, just north of Miami Beach and south of Mermaid Beach, late in the afternoon yesterday, Tuesday 20th March 2012.

Below is an extract from the article written by Ali Best for Nine News on this shark attack.

A young surfer has proved he is made of tough stuff, showing off his gory wound after a shark chomped down on his leg on the Gold Coast yesterday afternoon.


Billy O’Leary, 20, was attempting a surfing manoeuvre in waters off Miami when he fell off his board and landed on the shark.


The engineering student was with his best friend, Tyson Kolkka, when he was bitten.


He told Nine News they were fighting for the wave and it could have easily been Mr Kolkka who was bitten.


Nine News cameraman Joel Scott said Mr O’Leary was in good spirits before his operation today.


“He was great this morning. He just said that he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. It could have been anyone,” Mr Scott said.


“He said it crossed his mind that he could have died.”

This young Aussie kept his cool and sense of humour throughout the whole event and even joked about the size of the shark that bit him being 20 foot long! We are glad that this young man is okay and that he did not lose his leg or worse!

It does send out a warning though that we all need to be diligent and keep our eyes open when swimming at our beautiful Australian beaches!

We wish Billy O’Leary a speedy recovery and safe surfing in the future!

Map of Nobby Beach

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Affordability of accommodation is extremely important when tourists are planning their next holiday or trip. So the news that hotel prices have reached an all time high in Perth, Western Australia, is not good news for people planning a trip to this beautiful part of our nation.

Perth CBD Beautiful ReflectionsBelow is an excerpt from an article printed today in the WA Today. You can read the full article, written by Rhianna King, by clicking here.

Perth has the most expensive hotel rooms of all capital cities in Australia, thanks to a recent boom in business travel created by the resources industry.


The average price of Perth hotel rooms soared by 17 per cent last year to $184 a night, $18 more than the Australian average of $166, according to a survey, making it the most expensive capital city in the nation.


Meanwhile a separate study from STR Global has found occupancy rates are also on the rise; increasing 12 per cent to 82.4 per cent in January.


Tourism officials warned the combination of high prices and low availability was good for hoteliers but was squeezing out leisure tourists.


WA Tourism Council chief executive Evan Hall said some travellers were being forced to stay as far out as Mandurah due to the lack of availability in Perth.

The article goes on to indicate that the weekends have the lowest hotel occupancy, with the mid-week nights of Tuesday to Thursday being the most popular nights. Business travellers are making the most of the available rooms and the prices are becoming too high for many tourists.

While business travel increased during 2011, travel for leisure fell significantly. While many of the popular hotels may be doing well with the business clients, the decline in tourists is having a significant affect on the tourism industry in and around Perth.

Many Aussie woke up today to celebrate a birthday, but they were not the only ones remembering a special day. Today on the 19th March 2012 the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge is celebrating its 80th birthday.

Sydney Harbour Bridge Now 80 Years OldMuch has changed during this period including the popular mode of transport and the cost to travel over the majestic bridge.

Here is a short article that appeared today in the Daily Telegraph online.

WHEN the Sydney Harbour Bridge opened in 1932 you could ride across on your horse for just 1c.

Eighty years later it will cost you up to $3 and riding your horse across the Bridge is illegal.

The Coathanger opened on March 19, 1932, to much fanfare after almost a decade of construction.

Since then traffic has risen from 11,000 vehicles a day to more than 160,000.

On Sunday (18th March) a 1930s-themed picnic will be held in Bradfield Park underneath the northern end of the Bridge to commemorate the milestone.

The party will feature vintage fashion parades, big bands and roving entertainment.

The event will be held between 9.30am and 2pm and there will be plenty to see and do.

World Famous Sydney Harbour Bridge Celebrates 80th BirthdayIt is interesting to ponder the many changes the have occurred on and around the Sydney Harbour Bridge, as well as the millions of people who have traveled across this world famous Australian icon since it was opened all of those decades ago.


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Located on the beautiful Hervey Bay esplanade, close to the Urangan Pier, is where you will find the world famous Great White Shark and Whale expo, which is the only one of its kind in the entire world. Vic Hislop set up this exhibition to educate people on the unpredictable behaviour of sharks.

Prices (as at March 2012)

Adult $15.00
Child (5-15 Years Inclusive) $7.00
Child (Under 5 Years) Free
Pensioner $12.00
Student $12.00
Backpackers $12.00






Times of Operation:

Open Daily – 7 Days A Week, except Christmas Day

Summer months: 8.30am – 6.00pm
Winter months: 8.30am – 5.30pm


553 The Esplanade, Urangan, Hervey Bay,
Queensland, 4217 Australia

Vic Hislop Great White Shark Show is easy to find on the corner of The Esplanade and Elizabeth Street, just a short distance from the famous Urangan Pier

Phone: (07) 4128-9137


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Free off-street parking is available on site.

Shark Show Hervey Bay:

Inside you will find a vast array of information, in the form of newspaper clipping, artefacts, shark teeth, shark jawbones, a shark brain and eyeball! There is even a frozen shark that you can get up nice and close to without any danger of being hurt.

Two movies are continually showing throughout the day. One of these is about whales and Vic’s explanation as to why whales beach themselves when they are such intelligent marine mammals. The second movie shows Vic Hislop’s shark hunting expeditions, before they became illegal. Both videos were interesting and very informative.

We stayed at the Vic’s shark expo for about 1.5 hours, watched a good portion of both of the movie clips, and read many of the newspaper articles that are displayed on the walls. It would be easy to spend 2 hours, if you have the time on your next family holiday to Hervey Bay.