Hinze Dam has recently opened up again to the public, in December 2011, after being closed for almost four years while the upgrade was completed. These stage 3 developments at the Hinze Dam, also known as the Advancetown Lake, have seen the water holding capacity double in volume with the dam wall being raised an additional 15 metres. The dam wall is now approximately 1,850m long, which includes the dam spillway as well. The lake surface area is now 1500 hectares and can supply over 310,000 Mega Litres when full. As of the beginning of Februray 2012 Hinze dam is at about 88% capacity.

Times of Access:

Recreational Facilities
Daily: 6am to 6pm seven days a week

2 Boat Ramps
Daily: 6am to 6pm seven days a week

Interpretive Centre
Monday to Saturday: 8.30am to 5.00pm
Sunday: 10.00am to 4.00pm
Public Holidays: 10.00am to 4.00pm

Entry is Free


Advancetown Road / Gilston 4211, Qld, Australia


Approximately 15 km south-west of Nerang on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia, on the downstream side of the Nerang River.

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Hinze Dam – Advancetown Lake

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Recreational Activities:

  • Boating – only manual or electric powered water vessels are allowed
  • Fishing with a permit
  • Picnics
  • BBQs
  • Bicycling
  • Scenic Views
  • Walking
  • Horse riding
  • Kayaking
  • Canoeing
  • Paddlecraft


  • Fishing unless you have a permit
  • Campfires
  • Camping
  • Swimming
  • Pets

Gold Coast Map Showing Advancetown Lake Location:

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History of Hinze Dam

The dam was originally constructed in 1976 and had a water storage capacity of around 42,000 million litres. Then in 1989 the dam wall was raised to increase the water volume by almost four times what it was previously. When it was full Hinze dam could then hold over 160,000 million litres.

Stage-3 Upgrade

Before the stage 3 upgrade began it was possible to access the recreational facilities from both Advancetown Rd and Gilston Rd. There was also a road across the spillway, which was open to the public to use. Since the stage 3 developments have been completed there is no longer public access by vehicle across the dam spillway. Access can however be enjoyed by foot. Also it is only possible to gain access to the recreational facilities and the Interpretive Centre from Advancetown Rd on the north-western side of Lake Advancetown.

Many fish, including Mary river cod, Australian bass, Saratoga, silver perch and golden perch, have been added to the dam waters so that fishermen can enjoy the recreation of fishing in this tranquil setting. The permit that is required can be purchased from local fishing and tackle outlets. For an exact list of outlets that stock the fishing permits you can refer to the SEQWater website.

There are two boating ramps available to those who want to enjoy water activities on Hinze Dam. If you come in via Little Nerang Rd on the east side of the dam then you will find one of the ramps. The second boat ramp is found on the west side of the lake via Nerang Murwillumbah Road.

The innovative Hinze Dam Interpretive Centre was also a part of the stage 3 constructions and provides a lot of great information on the facility as well as platforms to view the water and surrounding area and a kiosk to grab some snacks to enjoy.

Since re-opening again in December 2011 the site has become extremely popular with both locals and tourists to the Gold Coast. As more people become aware that the dam is now open again, its popularity is likely to continue to rise.

Melbourne is the second largest city in Australia, with about 4 million residents. It is located on the very south-western edge of the country, which is next to the bay of Port Philip. It has lots to do, see and experience. If you are a tourist, here are some great things to check out in while visiting Melbourne.

Eureka Tower

If you wish to see an architectural marvel, you will want to visit the Eureka Tower. This amazing building is nearly 300 meters high, and took four years to complete. It was the tallest residential building in the world at the time it was finished. It contains over 500 apartments and thirteen different elevators within its 90 stories. You can get a truly panoramic view from the observation deck on the 88th floor, which also features binoculars and a map to help you find landmarks of interest.

International Comedy Festival

If you like to laugh, be sure to visit Melbourne in April for its International Comedy Festival. Starting in late March and finishing at the end of April, you can enjoy a wide variety of talent from all over the globe. Take in stand up comedians, plays, improvisational comics and more. There are opportunities for fresh local talent here but many big name comedians also come and perform.

National Gallery of Victoria

Anybody who appreciates culture or art is sure to enjoy a visit to the National Gallery of Victoria. This gallery has several distinctions, being the biggest, oldest, and most prestigious public art gallery on the continent. There are works from famous artists here such as Picasso and Rembrandt. In addition to paintings there are vases, Egyptian artefacts, sculptures and more. There are over 65,000 different pieces of art for you to enjoy.

City Circle Tram

A great way to see features of Melbourne and get around is the City Circle Tram. The name is slightly misleading, as it actually takes you on a square route. On this handy ride you can get off and on at places of interest, but also receive commentary and interesting information from the driver as you go. It runs seven days a week, and best of all, it’s free. With this handy ride, you can easily find many of the great places to see in Melbourne. You can stop at an interesting destination, then get back on when the next tram comes by, with very little waiting time.


Beautiful Fitzroy Gardens

When you want to see some beautiful nature and wildlife, take a trip to Fitzroy Gardens. Here you can find wondrous flower displays in their marvellous conservatory. Even the outside looks unique and interesting because it has the design of an old Spanish Mission. The displays are changed every two months, so if you go back there is always something new to see. You can also visit Cooks cottage, home of the legendary explorer, and learn some intriguing history.

Melbourne offers fascinating architecture, culture, and festivals. It also has one of the best public transportation systems to be found in any major city. If you take a trip here, you are bound to find it easy to get around while enjoying your stay with plenty of fun things to do in Melbourne!

Sydney is Australia’s largest city with more than 4 million residents. It is located on the southeast edge of the continent and is adjacent to the Tasman Sea. The city has a somewhat unique design, encompassing lots of parks and other open areas into an urban design. It also has many interesting museums and other culturally relevant points of interest. Sydney is also known for its many sports teams and many of its residents love rugby and cricket. Here are some places to see in Sydney.

Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens

The Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens are a real marvel and take up acres of land between the harbour and the eastern part of the business district. Here you can find thousand of different kinds of plants, including monumental trees and gorgeous flowers. It is an ideal place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city while you take a walk or enjoy lovely views. The garden opens at 6:30am and closes at sunset and also offers free admission.

Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House is one of the top things to do in Sydney. In this huge structure you will find hundreds of rooms and corridors, all with their own unique atmosphere and stories. Take a guided tour and find out how exactly this massive building came to be. The acoustics are wonderful, and if you have the chance, get tickets to a show here in one of their five great concert halls.

Sydney Festival

If you are in the city in January, you will want to check out the Sydney Festival. It has been in place since 1977, and features a huge variety of culture, including music, dance, theatre, and drama. The festival attracts over a million visitors each year, and there are over 300 hundred performances and dozens of different events, many of which are free.

Sydney Powerhouse Museum

Anybody interested in science and technology at all should check out the Sydney Powerhouse Museum. Here you will find exhibits devoted to technology throughout the ages. You can see one of the first working steam engines, which was built in 1785. There is also a popular exhibit on computers, which takes a look at how computers have changed since they were first built. This museum is ideal for children, because it has many hands on displays.

Sydney ANZ Stadium

The Sydney ANZ Stadium is a must see destination for any sports fan. This huge stadium was home to the 2000 Summer Olympics, and at the time could hold over 100,000 people. It now hosts a variety of sporting matches, including rugby, cricket and Australian Football.

Sydney Harbour

The Sydney harbour is arguably one of the most beautiful spots in the city. Here you can sit and watch the ferries go by, or enjoy a nice meal at one of many wonderful cafes. Take a trip back at night, so you can see the area lit up with enchanting lights.

There are many things to do in Sydney. Whether you want to take in a concert, see wonderful architecture or gardens, experience great sports action, or just relax at the harbour; there is something for everyone to do in Sydney, Australia.

The Tahune Airwalk is an experience that should not be missed when you visit the southwestern part of Tasmania!

After spending the night in the Tahune airwalk lodge and then having a couple of goes on the Eagle Hang Glider across the pristine Huon River the family and I set out on a guided tour of the Tahune airwalk.

Prices (as at October 2012)

Adult $25.00
Child (5-16 Years Inclusive) $12.50
Child (Under 5 Years) Free
Pensioner $22.50
Student $22.50
Family Pass $50

Times of Operation:

Daily: 9am – 5pm November to March
Daily: 10am – 4pm April to October
Christmas Day: Closed


Tahune Forest Reserve,
Arve Road, Geeveston TAS 7116
Phone: +61 3 6295 7172
Toll Free: 1300 720 507

Travelling Distances:

Hobart to Geeveston: 60 km
Geeveston to Tahune: 29 km

Hobart to Tahune Airwalk: approx 2.5 hours drive

Tahune Airwalk Circuit: approximately 45 minutes to complete


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When you book your tickets for the Tahune airwalk in Tassie be sure to ask if there is a guided tour that you can be a part of. We were blessed to have a lovely man named Ian take us on a guided tour of the airwalk and we learned so much fun and interesting information that we would have otherwise missed out on.

Ian took us through all a lot of interesting facts about the local area including the clearing of timber and the different types of tress in the southern forests of Tasmania.

The views from the airwalk itself, some 22 metres above the forest floor, were amazing! We got to throw some coins onto the wishing tree beside the metal airwalk and then watch as our coins knocked further coins to the ground below. These coins are then collected and sent off to the Make-A-Wish Australia charity.

Around towards the end of the Tahune airwalk is the cantilever itself, which is 37.5 metres above the river bank down below. This cantilever is supported by two metal cables that run back and attach onto the metal frame of the main airwalk. The wind speed is monitored (you can see this towards the end of the video above) whenever the wind gusts begin to get stronger. If the wind gusts surpass a certain level then the airwalk needs to be closed to the public until the wind speeds weaken.

We had a fantastic time on the Tahune airwalk and can not recommend it highly enough! It is our aim to one day return and again stay in the Tahune airwalk lodge and experience the airwalk once again!

Villa della Rosa is a charming 4.5 star Bed and Breakfast up on the top of gorgeous Mount Tamborine. Situated at 5 Platt Place, North Tamborine, between the Gold Coast and Brisbane in Queensland Australia, allowing easy access to explore the beautiful sights and attractions of southeast Qld. It is the perfect spot for a romantic weekend getaway.

Four years ago Greg and I spent our wedding night at the Villa della Rosa B&B and now have returned to celebrate four years of marriage. The night before our wedding I stayed at this delightful B&B with my bridesmaid. We enjoyed a delicious 3-course dinner and a good night’s sleep. Then we woke up early for our morning wedding at the Pavilion Gardens, Mt Tamborine. After our wedding ceremony and reception we returned in the afternoon to celebrate our wedding night. We again ate a tantalizing meal for dinner and then a tasty, 4-course deluxe breakfast in the morning.

We were so excited to be able to return to where our married life began. We arrived around mid afternoon, checked in and then enjoyed a relaxing afternoon in the garden and watched a DVD in our room. There is even a huge DVD library in the living room that all guests are able to freely use during their stay.

Villa della Rosa has three charming rooms for guests to enjoy. These rooms are the Roman room, Venetian room and the Florentine room. Each room is unique and elegantly decorated and furnished with special touches of Tuscany throughout.

Four years ago we stayed in the Roman suite and had a lovely wedding night. We were able to light the candles and enjoy a candlelit soak in the spacious whirlpool hot tub.

For our fourth wedding anniversary celebration we stayed in the Venetian suite. This stylish suite is slightly smaller than the Roman and Florentine suites, but is still elegantly appointed with authentic Italian decor. There is a two-person Jacuzzi whirlpool bathtub fully surrounded by exquisite tiles and a column on either side of the tub.

The separate ensuite bathroom is tiled with white marble and has a spacious walk-in, glass enclosed shower. The oversized shower comes complete with a six-jet shower module and two showerheads for a relaxing shower and massage.

Outside is a quaint garden where you can sit for a quality conversation and perhaps drink a cuppa or glass of wine. The insects and birds are gently singing and you may even spot a native Australian bush turkey or two wandering past.

We were glad for this opportunity to return to the place where we spent our first night as husband and wife. (In fact, we were the very first wedding couple to stay at the Villa della Rosa Bed and Breakfast and have our photo on the villa’s website.) It is our aim to continue to return in future years for more romantic weekend getaways up on Mt Tamborine.

We highly recommend the Villa della Rosa B&B to other couples that want to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday work and life to somewhere you will be pampered and able enjoy the quiet, tranquil atmosphere that Mt Tamborine offers.


Villa Della Rosa Map:

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Villa Della Rosa Aerial View:

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