There seem to be many people still searching each day on how they can receive their refund! I have hence created this short video showing you procedures that you can go through to assist in your own refund application procedure.

Tiger was initially grounded on 2nd July 2011. My family was all due to fly that morning on Tiger and so we were devastated when we heard on the news that morning at 6am that Tiger had been grounded by CASA, the Civil Aviation Safety Authority here in Australia.

We had additional costs of other flights, an additional night’s accommodation and car hire for an extra day. At the same time we wondered if we would even receive the refund from Tiger.

We did ask Tiger for these additional costs to also be reimbursed, but we never even heard back from them.

No correspondence or other emails, apart from the one 4 days after our cancelled flights saying that our flight was cancelled (4 days earlier!), was received from Tiger Airlines.

The way that we found out that we had indeed received our Tiger Airways refund was when I checked my credit card statement a month after the cancelled flight date and found that 21 days after the cancellation we did indeed receive the refund back onto the credit card that we initially used to purchase the tickets.

I hope that this video is helpful in showing you how to contact Tiger to get into the queue to receive your own refund.

I wish you every success and hope that you receive your refund soon! Please feel free to leave your comments below about your own experiences with Tiger and also about receiving (or not receiving) your refund.

Until next time, Remember to Enjoy Life and Enjoy Fun Australian Holidays!

Leanne Annett <><

2 Responses to “Process for Tiger Airways Refunds Due to CASA Grounding”

  1. yarema troynar

    Wnen can Iexpect mt refund, as you stated people would get it within 21 days.Iwas due to fly with your airline on the 25th of August. Please do not ignore this email,I would just to know what is going on.
    Regards Y.troynar.

    • Leanne

      You need to contact Tiger Airways directly and find out what is happening with your refund processing.


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