This is a short review of the Australian movie, “Red Dog“.

Today I went to the Robina Event Cinemas to see this Aussie movie. I did not know much about it before I actually arrived and started to watch the movie.

Red Dog” is based on a true story and is set in Western Australia, Pilbara region. The movie begins in 1979 and then rolls back in time to 1971 where it tells the story of this friendly kelpie who touches the hearts of the community in Dampier.

Dampier is a coastal town that is hundreds of kilometres from most Australian cities. The population was listed as 1,370 in the 2006 national census. Many of these people would be miners who work in or around the port at Dampier.

I enjoyed the movie. I found “Red” to be a friendly and lovable Aussie dog. He had his own unique personality and knew how to encourage those in his community.

The movie stars Australian actors Rachael Taylor (born in Tasmania, Australia) and Noah Taylor (born in London). Josh Lucas from the United States has the lead role in the film and becomes the much-loved master of this energetic dog.

Koko is the animal star in this 2011 Aussie movie as Red Dog. You can see Koko’s interview in the short video below.

Aussies Keep Cool

I was surprised at how many scenes showed the local miners in their undies! But I guess that the climate is so hot there that this is one way that the men kept cooler.

I really did not like the cat in the movie. Called “Red Cat” this animal certainly learned bad habits from its unfriendly owners and definitely was not kind to dogs!

Favourite Movie Scene

Red Dog Statue Dampier Pilbara WAMy favourite scene in the movie was the knitting scene. I actually laughed out loud during this section of the film. It seemed uncharacteristic of the stereotypical Aussie bloke, and so I found it funny.

Part of the movie was sad, but it was from this sad time in the storyline that “Red” set out on his journey to find his master. This was what made “Red Dog” so famous and well known.

I recommend the film to those who enjoy Australian films and to those who like to see Aussie culture and mate-ship.

I hope one day to be able to visit the Red Dog Statue at the entrance to Dampier. The statue reads “Erected by the many friends made during his travels”. So when I get over to the North-west of Australia this is on my list of places to visit.

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