Last time we wrote about arriving and checking into our unit at the Wyndham Vacation Resort Seven Mile Beach.

After a refreshing night’s sleep, Greg and I woke up quite early and were surprised to see that it was still quite dark at 7 in the morning! We live on the Gold Coast and are used to the sun coming up much earlier than it does in Tassie.

Wyndham Resort Seven Mile Beach, Tasmania, Gorgeous SunriseSo Greg and I went out onto the balcony upstairs and were very blessed to see a gorgeous sunrise in the sky just above the tree-line.

The sky was full of a lovely range of pink, purple, yellow and orange in this delightful sunrise.

We were so happy to see such a gorgeous scene that we even set the camera up on the table on automatic timer mode and took some pictures of us in our pjs with the beautiful sky behind us! [It is not usual for us to take photos in our pajamas, but we couldn’t resist this time! 🙂 ]

Greg & Leanne Annett & Beautiful Sunrise, Wyndham Seven Mile BeachLater in the day, when we walked around the resort grounds we found a plaque in a rock that said that the Wyndham Vacation Resort at Seven Mile Beach was officially opened on 26th November 2009. This means that at the time of our visit in June-July 2011 it is less then two years old.

Wyndham Resort Seven Mile Beach, Tasmania, Officially OpenedThe gardeners at the resort have put so much effort into the landscape and presentation of the gardens. Literally hundreds of native plants of all colours, sizes and types have been planted around the units and throughout the whole resort grounds.

It is lovely and relaxing just strolling along, enjoying the Tasmanian Native Hens that wander around throughout the day, from dawn to dusk.

I have a special blog post for you next time. I have received a VIP Gourmet invitation to my local Noodle Box at Mermaid Waters to see Adam Liaw from Masterchef giving a cooking demonstration, as Noodle Box officially releases their new Gourmet range.

So get ready for this special article during this coming week!

Until next time, Remember to Enjoy Life and Enjoy Your Family!

Leanne Annett <><

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