After we had a lovely day at the Hastings cave and thermal springs we drove for an hour to Geeveston and then a further hour inland to Tahune Forest. Tahune is part of the Southern Forests in the south west of Tasmania.

We checked in at the Visitors Centre and received our key. We had already paid a week earlier when we made the booking so that made it quick and easy.

Tahune Airwalk Lodge Address:

Tahune Forest Reserve,
Arve Road, Geeveston TAS 7116

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Tahune Forest, Geeveston, Aerial View:

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Ian then escorted us over to the Tahune Airwalk lodge, which was only a short walk from the visitors centre. We were pleasantly surprised to see the quality of the accommodation and all the features.

Since the lodge was only opened a few months previously, in April 2011, every thing was nice and new.

There was a good size common-area with a professional-type, stainless steel kitchen, large fridge, tables and chairs. There is also free Internet provided on the computer in the common dining area.

The fridge is stocked with milk for visitors to make a hot cuppa. On the bench are canisters with tea bags, coffee, sugar and hot chocolate sachets. This means that guests are able to enjoy a hot cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate when they arrive and during their stay.

Since there is no television reception out in the forest, there are no TV stations available to watch, but several DVDs are provided for the enjoyment of the visitors.

At one side of the dining area is a lovely wood fire, with chopped wood neatly stacked nearby. Just outside the side door is a large pile of chopped timber, which sits under cover to keep it dry and ready for use.

There are 8 rooms distributed around the common-dining area with enough beds to sleep up to 25 people. Each room has its own unique layout with some rooms sleeping more people and others less people.

There is a room that suits people in wheelchairs and it has space to manoeuvre easily.

Tahune Forest Airwalk Lodge Tasmania

Down the corridor there are toilets and showers. It is set out very carefully and has obviously been planned very well. There are separate little rooms down the corridor with each room for one particular purpose.

There is one male toilet, one male shower and then likewise, one female toilet and one female shower. In addition, there is a disabled toilet and shower, which is a good size to enable ease of movement.

As well as stairs leading up to the entrance, there is also a timber ramp, which means that wheelchairs and prams have easy access to the building.

Once you are settled in, you are free to enjoy a relaxing walk throughout the forest. This is something that only guests to the lodge can do after dark.

Tahune Forest Airwalk Road Sign Geeveston Tasmania

So make sure that you bring some warm jackets and some good quality, strong torches to use on your bush walks and exploring after the sun sets.

Greg, Tehillah and I enjoyed a relaxing evening after our long day. We cooked a hot dinner and watched a DVD.

Greg and I also had a short walk down to the Eagle Hang Gliding and had a look at the river.

In the next post we will continue with our experience on the hang gliding. This was one of the best things that I have done in my life and so I am excited to share it with you.

So until next time, Remember to Enjoy Life and Enjoy a fun forest holiday!

Leanne Annett <><

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