Our family Tasmanian holiday is going better than we could have hoped or prayed for! We have been blessed with absolutely gorgeous weather and seen so many lovely places.

This is only a short blog post today as we only have access to the Internet via the free WiFi at Maccas here in Hobart. We will upload some images

We were warned about taking all of our Winter woolies to keep us warm, but overall the weather has been quite mild. I was slightly nervous that we would be cold each day and need to wear our thermal underwear, gloves, beanies and coats each day, but that has not been the case. We have worn our gloves once up on Mt Wellington in the snow. Our beanies have been worn a little on most days, but only for short periods in the wind.

When we arrive home in a week’s time we will be writing and uploading detailed posts of the many fun things we have done and beautiful places that we have visited, but until then here is a short summary of where we have been so far in breathtaking Tassie!

We arrived in Hobart on Friday. After collecting our hire car we made our way to the Historic township of Richmond.

  • Here we visited Pooley Wines and enjoyed a delicious cheese and fruit platter.
  • We then went to Old Hobart Town in Richmond and had a fun time walking amongst the model of Hobart as it was back in the 1820’s. Andrew Quick and his dad spent almost 3 years creating these intricate models and figurines.
  • Lastly we spent a while at the well-known and historic Richmond Bridge.

Saturday we drove up from Seven Mile Beach where we have been staying to Mt Wellington. We were hoping to find snow and be able to use our snow slider, toboggan that we especially brought with us on the plane, but unfortunately, there was not enough snow for tobogganing.

We weren’t disappointed though as we still had a wonderful time. Tehillah made a small snowman around 15 cm tall, which she named Dudley. He was even given a bow-tie.

While on Mt Wellington we walked out to Sphinx Rock and enjoyed taking in the lovely view of Hobart and the Tasman Bridge.

Sunday morning we set off very early and drove south-west of Hobart down to through Dover to the Hastings Cave and Thermal Hot Spring Pool. I have not been in a cave for many years and so it was a great blessing walking through the Newdegate cave with my husband and daughter.

After our relaxing soak in the spring pool we drove to the Tahune Airwalk to stay over night in the Airwalk Lodge.

Monday morning we bought out tickets for the Eagle Hang gliding experience at the Tahune Airwalk. This was absolutely one of the very best experiences that I have ever had in my life! I loved it.

Each of us highly recommend the hand gliding to every one who comes to the region. It is so easy for anyone to to be able to do. All you need to do is to get the harness on, get clipped up to the hang gliding frame and then sit back, relax and enjoy the gorgeous view of the Huon River as you fly above the cold, fast flowing water.

Tuesday we relaxed at the Wyndham resort at Seven Mile Beach just east of Hobart and close to the Hobart airport.

Greg and I had a relaxing walk along Seven Mile Beach, collecting beautiful shells as we went.

After the beach walk Greg and I relaxed in the 34 degree water in the spa at the resort. It was so warm and nice!

Wednesday we set out nice and early and drove to Port Arthur. We stopped on the way to see the amazing Tessellating Pavement. It was truly an awesome thing to see how the beach appears to be paved with all of these neatly placed flat rocks. Well worth the short detour on the way to Port Arthur.

We then went to the Remarkable cave where the light shines through the cave in the shape of the map of Tasmania. Also well worth the visit! The road to the cave is just 400 metres past the entry to the historic Port Arthur site. It is then around a 5 km drive.

After the Remarkable cave the three of us spent the afternoon walking around Port Arthur. We began with our boat harbour cruise. There was so much to see that we only saw about a third of the many different buildings and museums available. We recommend this venue to everyone, but allow at least a day to see everything. The pass that you purchase allows you to come back over 2 consecutive days. So if you can stay in the area and come back a second day then you will certainly be able to take in more of the history.

Thursday, today, we are heading off to the Bruny Island Ferry to spend the day on the highly-recommended Bruny Island.

So that is the summary so far. We arrive back on the Gold Coast next Wednesday and so will have lots of fun and interesting blog posts uploaded after this day.

Until then, Remember to Enjoy Life and Enjoy a Fun Family Tassie Holiday!

Leanne Annett <><

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