Tiger Airways Are Back In The AirTiger airlines flew their first flight today after the grounding by CASA back on July 1st.

There were just a couple dozen people flying today from Melbourne to Sydney. Tiger says that they are easing back into the market slowly with flights between Sydney and Melbourne.

One passenger said, “Let’s give them a go. That’s what Aussies do. So give them a go!”

It will be interesting to see over the coming weeks how things go for Tiger Airways.

But I guess that even though we were personally affected by Tiger and missed out on seeing family in Melbourne due to the flights suspension, I cannot fault passengers going for the cheaper flights.

Especially during the difficult financial times that many are having at the moment, when every dollar counts! There are sure to be many people who will forget, and even forgive Tiger, and fly with them.

I am not sure if we will fly Tiger again, after the pain they caused to us and our family in Melbourne, after weeks of anticipation and looking forward to seeing each other after many years! Is it worth the risk of having your flight suspended and your plans cancelled?

I just hope that every flight that Tiger Airways flies will be safe for its staff and passengers!

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