Large Grass Yellow Butterflies at Coffs Butterfly HouseToday we are continuing with our article on the various butterflies that we saw and photographed on our visit last week to the Coffs Harbour Butterfly House in Bonville, NSW.

Have a look at some butterflies and information on their life cycle at the Coffs Butterfly House website.

Hanging off some long grass-type leaves was a pair of Large Grass Yellow butterflies mating. They stayed in this same position without moving for some time.

The Large Grass Yellow butterflies are coloured a bright yellow, as their name suggests, with black flecks across their wings and dark margins at the top edges. They are found naturally in Northern Australia and have a wing span of up to 4cm.

Orange Lacewing Butterfly at Coffs Butterfly HouseThe Orange Lacewing butterfly was another one that we had the pleasure of capturing in a photo. We found one when it was sitting with its wings closed on a red piece of wood in the enclosure.

The pattern on the outside or underside of the wings is almost like the markings on a tiger. It is a beautiful pattern made up of orange, black and white in very distinctive markings.

The edges of the wings are made up of a rippled effect that is absolutely gorgeous when you get to see it up close. Have a look at the image here to see what I mean.

The last butterfly that we took photos of is the Australian Lurcher. Again the male and female have their own individual patterns and markings, with the overall colours being bright orange and brown.

Male Australian Lurcher Butterfly at Coffs Butterfly HouseThe image that we have here is of a male Australian Lurcher.

The Australian Lurcher is visible all year round and can be found in the Northern Territory and also in the islands in Torres Strait. This is another butterfly that was happy to land on our heads or body.

You can see by the images above that we had a wonderful time viewing and interacting with many different butterflies in the walk-through enclosure. There are many more butterfly species that we also saw, but did not capture in photos.

We highly recommend for anyone coming to the Coffs Harbour area in Mid-North Coast region of New South Wales to check out the Coffs Butterfly House. Children love to see these beautiful and colourful insects flying around them and hence families often visit the butterfly house.

Female Varied Eggfly Butterfly on Leanne's ArmPersonally, I find it very relaxing just hanging out, sitting on one of the benches inside the glasshouse and enjoying watching the butterflies flying around and even landing on us or next to us on the seat.

We will be writing more articles about our trip to the Coffs Butterfly House in the coming weeks, but for now we are going to travel about an hour south and have a lovely lunch at Fredos pies in Frederickton, just 5km north of Kempsey.

We look forward to continuing to share with you all about our Coffs Harbour holiday over the next few days.

Until then, Remember to Enjoy Life and Enjoy your Travels.

Leanne Annett

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