In 4 days from now we should be on our flight half way to Hobart from the Gold Coast, but will this persistent Volcanic Ash Cloud cause problems with our flight? We pray that it won’t!

As we continue to prepare and plan for our 8 day family holiday in Tasmania, only four days away, we are also struggling with the fear that our trip may be postponed or delayed due to the volcanic ash that is continuing to interfere with more flights across parts of Australia.

Already Adelaide flights have been cancelled. So all flights in and out of Adelaide will not be running today, 21st June 2011.

Now the airlines have announced that Sydney Airport will close all flights from 3pm today. Some International flights leaving Sydney today have been brought forward slightly so that they can take off before the airport is closed at 3pm.

Canberra Airport is also having all flights cancelled from 12 noon today.

So once again many thousands of passengers are going to sitting around airports wondering when they will be able to board their flights!

As the airlines struggle to catch up on the thousands of stranded passengers from last week’s cancellations, they now have to also add in these new passengers who will be unable to fly today!

I can only imagine how the airline’s phones must be running off-the-hook as anxious passengers try to determine if their flight is going to fly as scheduled or how they can re-book or receive a refund! It must be crazy.

We continue to monitor the Twitter feed for Jetstar to see any new updates.

So at this point in time we can only sit, wait and pray that by Friday morning at 6am when we are driving to the airport that everything will be clear and we will be able to take off and land safely in Hobart as planned and begin our fun family holiday in Tasmania!

We will keep you updated as to what is happening with our flight.

Until then, Remember to Enjoy Life and Enjoy a Family Holiday!

Leanne Annett <><

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