The Woodcraft Shop, Richmond, TasmaniaIn the main street of Richmond, right next door to the Old Hobart Town Model Village is a delightful store that sells all types of products and gifts made out of Tasmanian timbers. It is called The Woodcraft Shop and is well worth a visit.

Our daughter, Tehillah, was especially taken with everything in the shop. She ended up buying a lovely timber candle holder made out of Tasmanian Sassafras.

The variety of gifts and different items was amazing along with the diversity of different timbers, each with their unique colours and patterns.

You can find such items as bottle stoppers, bowls, delightful wall clocks, ornaments or many shapes and sizes, including many types of fruit.

There are also gorgeous, large burl bowls and other lovely timber sculptures that could be used as a feature in any home.

The Woodcraft Shop, Richmond, Tasmania Maps & Other GiftsAn Owl at The Woodcraft Shop, Richmond, TasmaniaThere are 2 rooms in this shop and you could easily spend quite a while wandering around taking in all of the delightful shapes, colours and patterns.

Why not drop in on your next trip to Richmond, near Hobart, in Tasmania?

In our next blog post we will go to the famous and historic Richmond Bridge and imagine what it was like back in the 1800’s when the convicts were constructing this well-known structure.

Until then, Remember to Enjoy Life and Enjoy an Educational Tassie Holiday!

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On our way driving from the Hobart airport to Richmond we passed many vineyards and places that we could have stopped at, but we were headed for Richmond and wanted to keep going.

Pooley Wines, Richmond, TasmaniaThere was one place though that caught our eyes. It was Pooley wines just on the outskirts of Richmond on the Hobart side.

Our daughter’s surname is Poole and so we were interested in visiting Pooley wines.

Pooley Wines with Delightful Stone Work from Convict DaysThe brickwork of the buildings caught our attention, as we drove up the driveway. They were made of lovely old stones.

Pooley wines have different red and white wines that you can try for the low price of only $5 a person.

Tehillah really enjoys different cheeses and so when she saw that they sold a cheese and fruit platter for only $15 we decided to purchase a cheese platter.

We were very impressed with the quantity of food on the platter for this reasonable price. There were two large wedges of 2 different cheeses, lots of crackers, dates, apricots, nuts and quince paste all included.

We were able to sit outside under a sheltered area that was built by convicts back in 1832. They also had 2 large upright gas outdoor heaters to keep us warm.

It was a lovely sunny afternoon and it was very relaxing sitting, enjoying the yummy food, and looking out across the fields and hills.

Enjoying a Cheese Platter at Pooley Wines, TasmaniaWe also had fun taking photos beside the various stone walls and buildings on the property. I love old stone structures.

There are many vineyards and wine tasting sites through out Tasmania. Why not test some out and taste some local wines on your next trip to Tassie?

In our next blog post we will have a look inside The Wood Shop, which is located right next door to the Old Hobart Town Model Village in the main street of Richmond.

Until then, Remember to Enjoy Life and Enjoy a Relaxing Family Holiday!

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In our last post we talked about the fun time that we had at our first stop in Tasmania at the Old Hobart Town Model Village in Richmond.

Today we have just a short post where we have a video showing more images from our visit to this historic Tassie attraction.


With over 300 figurines of people and animals and buildings to a scale of 1:16 it is certainly an interesting, educational and fun time that you spend at this history-rich model village.

We recommend dropping into the Old Hobart Town Model Village when you are in the Richmond area of Tasmania. It is easy to find as it is in the main street through Richmond right next door to the Wood Shop.

Old Hobart Town Model Village, Hunter IslandNext time we will visit Pooley wines, which is just on the outskirts of Richmond on the Hobart side. Here you can not only enjoy delicious wine tastings, but also other delicacies such as cheese and fruit platters.

So until our next post, Remember to Enjoy Life and Enjoy a Fun Tassie Holiday!

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Our first main stop on our Tassie Holiday was in Richmond, at the Old Hobart Town Model Village which is only a short drive from Hobart or for us from the Hobart Airport.

Old Hobart Town Sign in RichmondWe got our tickets and went inside to see what it was all about.

I must say that the three of us were all very impressed with all of the effort that Andrew Quick and his father put into creating such life-like figurines of convicts and soldiers and the realistic models of the buildings and ships.

The buildings are constructed to a scale of 1:16 and are very realistically created. Andrew and his dad used plans for many of the buildings from the Tasmanian archives. They are covered in cement and plaster and have stones, bricks and shingles moulded into them.

You are given a map when you enter and you can follow this along with the signs that are all around the models and various streets.

It is interesting to note that many of the buildings in the model shown, as they existed back in the 1820’s are still standing in the city of Hobart today.

Some other buildings in the Old Hobart Town Model still exist in Hobart too, but they have had changes made to them, such as additional sections built onto the existing structures.

Old Hobart Town Figurine Lady Killing SnakeOne thing that we all enjoyed, aside from the historical aspect, was the fun activity of trying to locate the 4 figurines as shown on the map that we each received. Some of the 4 figurines were quite difficult to find amongst all of the buildings and other figurines.

The figurines that we needed to track down and locate were the adult Tasmanian Tiger with a cub, a boy falling out of a tree, a man skinning a kangaroo and a lady hitting a snake with a stick as the snake was about to attack her!

When you find all four figures you can go to the entry to the attraction and receive a special sticker. This will be a fun activity for youngsters. We also had fun doing it!

There is much detail in the whole layout. In fact you can walk up Davey St and down Macquarie St and imagine how it all was for the convicts and soldiers who lived there almost 200 years ago!

Old Hobart Town Model VillageThe miniature trees are Tasmanian Myrtle trees and are scattered all throughout the display. These trees are very effective in adding to the realism of the day back in the 1820’s.

I am glad that we began our Tassie holiday by visiting Old Hobart Town in Richmond as it gave us a very good overview of the city of Hobart from a historical perspective.

Each of the various sections of the model created a different picture in my mind of how life really was back 190 years ago. The hospital with its patients being treated for all kinds of injuries and sicknesses.

The port itself with 2 sailing ships sitting in the harbour. A team of bullocks moving a heavy load of logs. Fishermen sitting on the edge of the rivulet with simple fishing rods, trying to catch their tea.

Old Hobart Town Model Village in RichmondIt is definitely a place that I recommend to others to come and see. You can easily relax and walk around for an hour or more taking in the rich history of this region of Tassie.

Next time we will have a look at some more images from the Old Hobart Town Model Attraction in the historic town of Richmond, Tasmania.

So until then, Remember to Enjoy Life and Enjoy a Family Tasmanian Holiday!

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Over the coming days we will share with you all about the absolutely fantastic time that we had on our 8 day stay in Tasmania.

Jetstar Flight from Gold Coast to Hobart AirportOur first day in Tassie began when Greg and I flew from Coolangatta airport on the Gold Coast down to Hobart. Here we met up with our daughter, Tehillah, who had flown an hour earlier from Sydney to Hobart.

I had no idea that it was forbidden to bring any fresh fruit or vegetables into Tasmania, due to quarantine restrictions. So when we arrived at the airport to find a beagle sniffer dog sniffing everyone’s luggage and walking amongst the arrivals sniffing to see if anyone had any contraband, my heart started to pound!

Beware Tasmanian Sniffer Dog at AirportOur daughter loves broccoli and since she had recently moved down to NSW to live, I had packed a piece of broccoli to cook for her our first night in Tassie.

At first I was unsure what to do. I always endeavour to be honest and to obey the rules. So I went up to the security guards standing near by and told them about the broccoli. They directed me to a lady nearby who was in charge of customs at the time. She told me that since I had declared the vegetable that I would not have to pay a fine.

I felt relieved once I knew that I would not be fined! All I had to do then was get my suitcase and find the broccoli. I then handed it over to the lady and we were free to set off to begin our family holiday.

We also brought a snow slider toboggan with us, in case we found enough snow to go tobogganing in. So we had to wait until the oversized luggage was also taken off the plane.

With all of our luggage in hand we left the airport and found the Selective car hire desk. They gave us the keys to the car and we went to load up and set off.

We unfortunately found a couple off minor issues with the vehicle, such as the cigarette lighter not working, which meant that we could not operate our GPS unit that we had all programmed with places to visit on our Tassie holiday.

So we contacted the car rental desk again and they replaced the vehicle with a larger car at no additional charge, which was greatly appreciated.

We then set out on our first little trip in Tasmania. We headed for the Historic town of Richmond to visit the Old Hobart Town model village and to see the famous Richmond Bridge.

In our next blog post we will take you thru Old Hobart Town and see how the convicts and free settlers lived in the Hobart area in the 1820’s.

So until then, Remember to Enjoy Life and Enjoy a Fun Tasmanian Holiday!

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Welcome to Hobart Airport, Tasmania