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Coffs Harbour Ice Skating Rink Welcome SignIn the last blog post we talked about how enjoyable and also educational the World of Bananas Experience was.

Well today we are going Skating!

Coffs Harbour Big Banana Ice Skating RinkWhen I was younger, I used to go ice-skating regularly. I loved it and was not too bad. But now with the busyness of life, I have not had a chance to go skating for many years. In fact, when I stop and think about it, it is probably more than 10 years since I skated.

Coffs Big Banana Ice Skating Session TimesThe Coffs Ice-skating rink operates daily with a varying number of sessions depending on the time of year. So in NSW school holidays there are more sessions and on the weekends there are also additional skating sessions.

Friday and Saturday nights are popular times for the young people and youth groups.

When we arrived at the rink, we went in and had our tickets stamped. Then grabbed our correctly sized skates and quickly put them on.

Greg and I were pleased to see that there were not a lot of people when we first went out onto the ice, as we were quite slow at getting around.

Since it has been so long since I skated, I was pleased to find out that they offer a metal skating frame for beginners, or in my case for those beginning again! The frame slides smoothly over the ice and is much like the concept of a walker for elderly people.

I actually found it a good way to regain my confidence so that I could skate without the frame.

Greg & Leanne Annett Ice Skating, Coffs Harbour Big Banana RinkAfter we had been skating for around 15 minutes, a group of high school students arrived with their teacher as part of their sports activity. It was nice watching the youth skate passed me. They reminded me of twenty years ago, when I used to skate comfortably and confidently.

Leanne Annett Ice Skating, Coffs Harbour Big Banana RinkGreg and I enjoyed our time skating. It was something that we do not usually have time or energy for. This made it even more special.

So if you are in the Coffs area then why not go to the Big Banana and find out the daily times that the skating rink will be open.

Skating Session Times:

Monday to Sunday:

During NSW School Terms

  • One Session Daily: 1:00pm to 2:30pm

NSW School Holidays: 2 Sessions

  • 10:30am to 12:00 Noon & 1:00pm to 2:30pm

Friday & Saturday Nights:

In Addition to the Sessions during the day, there is also an evening session.

  • 7pm to 9pm [Great for Youth-groups or Get-togethers]

Next time we will write a blog post about the Toboggans at the Big Banana. Even young children enjoy the toboggan rides down the hill as they sit in front of mum or dad. If you purchase a group of tickets then it works out cheaper and the tickets can be shared among family members or friends.

Until then, Remember to Enjoy Life and Enjoy a fun time at the Big Banana, Coffs Harbour.

Leanne Annett <><

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