GraGraeme's Driving Academy To Learn To Drive Safelyeme’s Driving Academy has just helped our son get his P’s. The journey to obtaining his Drivers License took some time and effort, but what made it a reality in the end was the fact that we discovered Graeme Hanby and his driving school!

Originally our son did a search online and found another popular Gold Coast driving school. But there was a problem with the very first lesson that he had with this other reputable driving academy. When our son arrived home from his lesson he was quiet and even withdrawn. He told me he did not want to talk about the lesson.

So I just left him alone for the night. The next day we chatted about what had happened in the lesson and he told me how the driving instructor was negative and even depressing in his attitude. When mistakes were made our son was told that he did something wrong, but no clear explanation was given so that he understood the reason and exactly what he had done wrong.Car Keys After Getting Drivers License

The instructor even had the nerve to say that perhaps our son should forget about trying for his manual license and should instead just go for an automatic license.

When I heard this I felt quite upset and annoyed at the trainer from this well known driving school for saying this to his student!

Instead of instilling hope and confidence in our son, he tore him down through his discouraging comments and attitude.

We Found Graeme’s Driving Academy

It was then that I saw a discount coupon in the local Gold Coast Value Voucher newspaper for Graeme’s driving school and so I gave Graeme a call. I could tell straight away on the phone that Graeme was upbeat and encouraging in his attitude and words. So we went ahead and made a booking for our son to have a driving lesson.

Wow! You should have seen the difference when he arrived home from this first lesson! A huge smile was plastered across his face and he began to tell me all about the lesson. I could hear the encouragement and confidence in his voice and could see it in his face. He once again believed in himself and knew that he could go for his manual license and get it!

This was the exact opposite from the other instructor!

It amazed me just seeing the two different extremes that flowed out of the way that each of the two driving instructors related to their student. One instructor drained all hope and confidence away, while Graeme restored the hope, confidence and belief that it was possible.

‘P’ Plates

The outcome, as I mentioned before, is that our son is now driving around successfully on his P Plates!

I want to say a huge “Thank you” to Graeme for his positive attitude and willingness to take a nervous beginner and to train him until he became a confident and safe driver on our Queensland roads. Thank you for believing in our son and for instilling this same belief in him.

We highly recommend Graeme’s driving academy to all those who want a caring and kind driving instructor who will be honest, but in a way that builds up rather than tearing down. Any parents of teens or young adults who want to have a few driving lessons before sitting their practical test should consider Graeme’s company. Why not give him a call today and book in your first lesson?

Many parents teach their kids to drive, but by booking a few lessons before the prac test you are ensuring that your teen has the best chance of passing and also that they pick up some things that you have perhaps forgotten!

I almost forgot to mention that he also offers a special deal to new clients. Book 3 hours and you only have to pay for 2 hours. A pretty good deal! His rates were also $5 less per hour than the other driving company that our son first used. So it really was a no brainer to use this positive, upbeat and caring man to teach our son a skill that he will carry with him for the rest of his life.

Thanks, Graeme’s Driving Academy!

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