We drove back down from the pinnacle of Mt Wellington until we were just under the cloud. We found a car park where we could stop and enjoy the lovely view of Hobart and the Derwent River.

In fact in the photo below you can see the gorgeous view of Hobart and the river below with the cloud sitting just above us at the top of the photo.

Mt Wellington View With Rocks Below & Clouds AboveThe landscape was really interesting to me. There were sections, such as in the picture above, where there were just large rocks with no trees or plants growing.

Then there were other areas where there were other areas that had wind-swept trees growing with some rocks scattered around beneath them. I wonder why the 2 distinctly different landscapes right adjacent to each other?

Mt Wellington View Hobart with Clouds AboveAfter taking in the view we again got back into the car to drive down the mountain a little more. As I got into the car a sudden gust of wind came up and caught the door out of my hand. It almost hit the car that was parked next to us. I was fortunate that no damage was caused as the wind could easily have caused a dent in the car doors! So beware on your visit to Mt Wellington of sudden wind gusts!

The Springs, Mt Wellington, HobartWe continued our descent and stopped at a place called “The Springs” at 720m above Sea Level. Here we found a picnic table in the sun to keep us warm and unloaded our thermos, cups and soup from the car.

We then all enjoyed a hot cup of soup for afternoon tea.

After relaxing and warming up for about half an hour, we packed everything back in the car and then set off on our walk to the Sphinx Rock.

Afternoon Tea, Mt Wellington, HobartIn a couple of days time we will write about our walk to Sphinx rock and share some of the beautiful photos with you!

Before then though we have a special post for you tomorrow. Greg, Allan and I are going to head over to Grill’d at Robina Town Centre on the Promenade. Grill’d specialize in Healthy Burgers and so we are going to see what they are like.

So next time we will write about our visit to Grill’d at Robina on the Gold Coast and let you know what the burgers are like.

Until then, Remember to Enjoy Life and Enjoy a Family Meal Together!

Leanne Annett <><

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