Valentine’s Day this year was celebrated with a Romantic week away up on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. We stayed at the Wyndham resort at Golden Beach.

We had a lovely time and were able to relax and enjoy ourselves.



During our week of vacation we went out twice in the kayaks. Each time we paddled all of the way from Golden Beach over to the northern end of Bribie Island.

Greg blessed me with a lovely Valentine Day card to show how much he loves me.

On our last afternoon at Golden Beach we swam from the beach out to the sandbar in the middle of the waterway between Golden Beach and Bribie Island. It was an exhilarating swim through the deep channel.

Once we got to the sandbar we walked around for half an hour looking at the crabs, snails, shrimp that were in the small collections of water around the sandbar. We even saw a few sting-rays around the sand bar.

Swimming back across the channel was even more exhilarating as dusk fell. The thought that a shark could come up from below and grab our legs was quite stressful for me, but I am glad that I joined in and made the swim.

Overall the week was fantastic. Relaxing, refreshing and romantic! I love going on vacations!

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