The Tahune Airwalk is an experience that should not be missed when you visit the southwestern part of Tasmania!

After spending the night in the Tahune airwalk lodge and then having a couple of goes on the Eagle Hang Glider across the pristine Huon River the family and I set out on a guided tour of the Tahune airwalk.

Prices (as at October 2012)

Adult $25.00
Child (5-16 Years Inclusive) $12.50
Child (Under 5 Years) Free
Pensioner $22.50
Student $22.50
Family Pass $50

Times of Operation:

Daily: 9am – 5pm November to March
Daily: 10am – 4pm April to October
Christmas Day: Closed


Tahune Forest Reserve,
Arve Road, Geeveston TAS 7116
Phone: +61 3 6295 7172
Toll Free: 1300 720 507

Travelling Distances:

Hobart to Geeveston: 60 km
Geeveston to Tahune: 29 km

Hobart to Tahune Airwalk: approx 2.5 hours drive

Tahune Airwalk Circuit: approximately 45 minutes to complete


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When you book your tickets for the Tahune airwalk in Tassie be sure to ask if there is a guided tour that you can be a part of. We were blessed to have a lovely man named Ian take us on a guided tour of the airwalk and we learned so much fun and interesting information that we would have otherwise missed out on.

Ian took us through all a lot of interesting facts about the local area including the clearing of timber and the different types of tress in the southern forests of Tasmania.

The views from the airwalk itself, some 22 metres above the forest floor, were amazing! We got to throw some coins onto the wishing tree beside the metal airwalk and then watch as our coins knocked further coins to the ground below. These coins are then collected and sent off to the Make-A-Wish Australia charity.

Around towards the end of the Tahune airwalk is the cantilever itself, which is 37.5 metres above the river bank down below. This cantilever is supported by two metal cables that run back and attach onto the metal frame of the main airwalk. The wind speed is monitored (you can see this towards the end of the video above) whenever the wind gusts begin to get stronger. If the wind gusts surpass a certain level then the airwalk needs to be closed to the public until the wind speeds weaken.

We had a fantastic time on the Tahune airwalk and can not recommend it highly enough! It is our aim to one day return and again stay in the Tahune airwalk lodge and experience the airwalk once again!

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