Famous Fredos Pies, 50 Varieties, 6 Minutes AwayAfter spending the morning at the Coffs Butterfly House in Bonville, and enjoying lovely Devonshire scones, jam and cream for morning tea, Greg and I drove south to Frederickton for lunch at Fredos Pies.

Since December 1997 my family and I have stopped in at Fredos Pies on the Macleay Valley Coast, on our many trips from Newcastle, NSW up to the Gold Coast, Qld, to visit family. Often we would drop in both travelling north and on the way back down south.

Fredos Pies Wall Painting & Greg AnnettEven my daughter, who is vegetarian, has always loved the food at Fredos as they have a good range of vegetarian pies, currently consisting of eight different varieties.

Vegetarian Range of Pies at Fredos

  • Spinach and Cheese (My daughter loves this one)
  • Farmhouse Potage
  • Asparagus Cheese and Pasta
  • Cauliflower, Broccoli and Corn
  • Vegetable Mornay
  • Vegetables and Garlic Sauce
  • Curried Vegetable
  • Gonzo Gado (Chickpeas, mild chilli, coconut cream)

Fredos Famous Crocodile Pies at Frederickton, NSWSince we had happy memories of all of our previous visits to Fredos, Greg and I made the decision to drive the 100km south of Coffs Harbour to enjoy some yummy pies at our favourite pie shop! Frederickton is just 5km north of Kempsey and about 1 hour south of Coffs.

Greg was braver than I am and he ordered Fredos famous Crocodile Pie! I was more traditional and ordered a Shepherds Pie with creamy mashed potato on top.

I was surprised when I tasted Greg’s crocodile pie. It tasted similar to chicken. It was a pale colour and did not have an over powering flavour. I was pleased to have tasted it.

There is a wide range of Game and Gourmet pies available. For instance, you can buy the following game pies at Fredos.

Greg Annett Enjoying Famous Crocodile Pie at FredosGame and Gourmet Pies

  • Crocodile
  • Kangaroo
  • Emu
  • Ostrich
  • Quail
  • Camel
  • Rabbit
  • Rabbit Mulligatawny
  • Venison
  • Lambs’ Fry and Bacon
  • Lamb, Mint and Honey
  • Mongolian Lamb
  • Bacon and Egg with Cheese
  • Seafood
  • Curried Prawn and Vegetables
  • Prawn and Vegetables in Garlic Sauce

Nola Turnbull Founder of Fredos Pies FredericktonWhile we were in the shop Greg and I were blessed to chat with Nola Turnbull, the owner and founder of Fredos Pies. Nola set up Fredos back in April 1993. We recorded an interview with Nola. I will be editing this video and hope to have it published on this website in the next week or so.

One question, which I asked Nola in the interview, was “What is the most popular pie purchased at Fredos pies?”

I was actually surprised by the answer. I thought that it would be something different and unusual, but the answer was, “The plain, regular beef pie is still the most popular pie!” So there you go. The good old Aussie beef pie is still the most popular choice for most Aussies!

Nola has also set up Cafe 73 in the shop adjacent to Fredos Pies. Greg and I enjoyed some hot drinks in Cafe 73. Greg had a latte and I had a cappuccino. My cappuccino was absolutely delicious. Often I find coffee at some cafes to be too bitter, since I do not add sugar to my coffee, but this cappuccino had a lovely flavour and taste.

Greg & Leanne Annett at Fredos Pies, Frederickton

Not only would we highly recommend Fredos Pies to anyone travelling along the Eastern coast of NSW, in the Kempsey to Coffs Harbour region, but also recommend Cafe 73 for great tasting coffees.

In our next post we are going to show you the great time that we had at the Big Banana in Coffs Harbour. We enjoyed being educated with the World of Bananas Theatre and the Plantation Tour. Then the following day Greg and I spent an hour a half at the Big Banana Ice Skating Rink. We then went and each had two rides on the Big Banana Toboggan.

So until next time, enjoy life and enjoy travelling the world

Leanne Annett <><

Fredos Pies Travellers Guide, Frederickton Near Kempsey, NSW

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