Big Banana Coffs Harbour Toboggan RideAfter our lovely dolphin kiss at the Pet Porpoise Pool last time, we are now off to the famous Big Banana for some fun on the toboggans.

Big Banana Coffs Harbour Toboggan DailyThe day that Greg and I drove down to Coffs Harbour from the Gold Coast it was bright and sunny, but then the rain came. Most days it rained off and on and so it was hard to find a time to ride the toboggans.

The water on the toboggan slide causes the toboggans not to run correctly and hence they are not operational in the rain or on mainly rainy days.

Greg and I were blessed on our final day in Coffs to once again have a sunny sky! So after we checked out of our unit at Wyndham resort at the Terraces near the Novotel, we made our way once again to the Big Banana and went over to the entrance to the toboggan ride.

We have been on the toboggans in previous years when we have visited the Coffs region and so we knew how much fun the rides were. Greg went up first and I followed behind.

Coffs Harbour Big Banana Toboggan RideIt is great because the rider controls the toboggan speed. Greg likes to go faster than I do so he made it down to the bottom faster than I did.

I enjoy going at a reasonable pace, but also taking in the scenery along the way. At the top of the toboggan ride you can actually see the glistening, blue ocean and part of the Coffs coast. You can also see the Big Banana Water Park down below with its inflatable slides.

The hill with its rows of banana plants is also clearly visible as you ride down the hill around each of the bends in the track.

We were happy that we each had two goes tobogganing. It is something that I could do again and again.

Next time we are in the Coffs Harbour region we will once again be back for more rides at this fun tourist attraction, that both visitors to the area and locals alike enjoy.

Next time we are going to look at some of the research we have been doing to prepare for our trip to Tassie that is now less than a week away. Our only concern is that the Volcanic ash that has affected flights to and from Tasmania over this past week will not still be around next Friday to cause problems with our flights.

So until next time, remember to enjoy life and enjoy travelling the world!

Leanne Annett <><

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