Last time we described our drive up Mt Wellington. We were anticipating whether we would find snow on the mountain so that we could use our toboggan that we had brought on the plane from Queensland.

So as we drove higher up Mt Wellington and began to see white patches of snow scattered between the rocks we began to get excited. We were well prepared with all of our winter woollens. We each wore our gloves, beanies, coats and thermal underwear so that we would be warm in whatever weather we found up the top of the mountain.

Our daughter, Tehillah, had not seen snow since a school excursion around 10 years ago. Greg and I saw a little snow as we drove out of Queenstown in New Zealand and it began snowing on us, around 4 years ago. But still all three of us were looking forward to seeing snow and playing in it.

Tehillah also had fun creating a mini snowman, which you can see in the short video slideshow above.

In our next post we will show you some of the pictures that we took while we were up on the mountain.

Until then, Remember to Enjoy Life and Enjoy a Family Snow Holiday!

Leanne Annett <><

Here is a short video clip of some of the images we saw on the day driving up Mt Wellington near Hobart in Tasmania. Enjoy!

Tomorrow we will continue with our experience at the top of Mt Wellington.

Did we find snow?
Were we able to use our toboggan, which we brought with us all the way from the Gold Coast in Queensland?

You will have to tune in next time to find out!

So until then, Remember to Enjoy Life and Remember to Create Fun Memories with Your Family!

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On Saturday morning we did not rush off early to explore, rather we relaxed, enjoyed the sunrise and had a laid-back morning.

We headed off mid-morning to pick up a friend who lives in Hobart and then continued on towards Mt Wellington. We had brought a snow toboggan with us from the Gold Coast hoping to find snow so that we could go tobogganing, so we were eager to see if we could indeed find any snow!

As we came up towards the Tasman Hwy Bridge over the Derwent River we could see Mt Wellington in front of us with clouds covering part of the large mountain. This was the first time that we had really seen how big Mt Wellington was and so we enjoyed the experience.

View of Mt Wellington, Hobart, From Tasman BridgeAfter we crossed the river we proceeded to climb up towards the entry to Mt Wellington. We stopped at one point and were able to get a good view of the Tasman Bridge from a different angle. It certainly stands out from the other buildings and structures in Hobart.

Tasman Bridge Over the Derwent River in Hobart, Tasmania

Drive From Hobart To Mt Wellington

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As we climbed higher up the mountain we saw a few places where water was flowing out of the side of the hill. One of these spots looked like a miniature waterfall. Water was just appearing out of the side of the mountain and dripping off the leaves of the plants. It was really beautiful!

Small Waterfall on Mt Wellington, Hobart, TasmaniaWe took our time driving up the mountain and made sure that we enjoyed as much as possible along the way. There are several spots to stop on the drive up and, if you have the time, you can enjoy some lovely walks to different sections of the mountain. We only stopped at places on the way up  where we could stay close to the car, but on the way back down we did take a walk out to Sphinx rock and were very glad that we did.

There were many trees on our drive up that were wind-blown and all that remained were the dead, grey trunks sticking up out of the ground. The wind gusts can get up around 200km/hour in extreme conditions on Mt Wellington and so the trees certainly do take a beating!

Then higher still we stopped at a gully full of distinctive coloured rocks. What made the picture even more captivating was the fact that at the end of the gully we had a lovely view of Hobart, the Derwent River and the Tasman Hwy and Bridge.

This gorgeous view was framed by a layer of white clouds on the top and the rocks in the gully and trees on the bottom of the picture. It was truly a sight to see!

View of Hobart from Mt Wellington, Tasmania

Next post will just be a short one with a quick video of our drive up Mt Wellington.


Yesterday I wrote about the launch event that I received a VIP invite to. At the presentation Adam Liaw gave a cooking demonstration of the newly created gourmet meals that Noodle Box is now offering.

I joined over a hundred other locals as we all enjoyed sampling the four new dishes in this gourmet range.

Adam also signed a little booklet about this new product launch for my husband, Greg and daughter, Tehillah, as they were unable to attend. He wrote “Happy Cooking!”, which is very appropriate.

As I mentioned yesterday, my favourite of these 4 new meals is the Aromatic Black Duck Noodles. This is definitely a dish that I will be ordering in the future!

Adam gave a great cooking demonstration as the talented chef that he is. You can watch the photo slideshow in this short video clip.

So be sure to check out your local Noodle Box store for not only their long-time family favourites, but now also their new Gourmet Range of dishes, especially designed and created by Masterchef, Adam Liaw.

Adam came from a large family and knows the importance of being able to purchase high quality meals at reasonable prices that most families can afford. So check it out.

Noodle Box Gourmet Range by Adam LiawIn our next article we will travel back to Tasmania and continue with our fun, Family Tassie Holiday. We will take a drive from Seven Mile Beach up to Mt Wellington and see if we find any snow that we can play in.

Until next time, Remember to Enjoy Life and Enjoy a Delicious Meal with your family!

Leanne Annett <><

Noodle Box Gourmet Range Signed Booklet

Noodle Box Gourmet Range By Adam LiawWhat a fantastic time I had today meeting Adam Liaw at Noodle Box at Mermaid Beach on the Gold Coast. There were over a hundred other people who were also invited to come to this special event where Adam did a cooking demonstration of the new Gourmet Range of Noodle Box meals.

Adam Liaw is the 2010 Masterchef Winner and was chosen to develop this special gourmet range of Noodle Box meals due to his passion and skill as a chef, especially his love of Asian cooking.

When I spoke to Adam he said that he had flown today from Sydney where he lives, especially for this Gourmet launch. He was an absolute hit with all of those present today as his radiant smile beamed to each person he greeted.

The store at Mermaid Waters where the launch was held is a perfect location as there is plenty of outside, undercover seating where everyone was able to mingle and enjoy the festivities.

Noodle Box Gourmet Dragon WingsWe all enjoyed sampling Adam’s Dragon Wings brought around by the Noodle Box team. There were also various drinks for all to enjoy.

From the youngest child to the most mature adult, each one was smiling, chatting, eating and obviously enjoying themselves.

There were opportunities for everyone to have Adam sign a copy of the special little booklet about this special launch of the Gourmet range of Noodle boxes.

Also anyone who was interested could have a photo taken with Adam. Many people made the most of this opportunity.

Noodle Box Gourmet Launch, Adam Liaw & Leanne AnnettAfter we had enjoyed the Dragon’s Wings for a while, Co-owner of Noodle Box, David Milne and Adam were interviewed, which was interesting to listen to.

Adam then went back behind the counter and began to prepare the other 3 Gourmet meals. These included, Aromatic Black Duck Noodles, Malaysian Beef Rendang Curry with Rice and Prawn and Calamari Sambal also with rice.

Noodle Box Gourmet Range of DishesThese 3 meals were then served to all of the guests. My favourite was the delicious Aromatic Black Duck Noodles, but each of the meals was also very good and tasty.

One thing that is great with this new Gourmet range is that they can be ordered to suit each customer’s tastes. So if you prefer a mild taste then you can order Mild. For those who prefer a hotter flavour then you have the option of Medium or Hot!

The meals that Adam cooked for us today were all in the Mild-Medium range of flavour. So everyone was happy.

There is still more to share with you about our lunch today so I will continue in the next blog post also on this same topic of eating out.

Until then, Remember to Enjoy Life and Enjoy a Delicious Noodle Box!

Leanne Annett <><