Coffs Pet Porpoise Pool Dolphin KissA while ago we wrote about our visit to the Pet Porpoise Pool during a rainy day. So now we wanted to go back on a sunnier day to compare to our wet weather visit.

During the day that we selected there were still some rainy periods, but overall it was nice weather.

Coffs Harbour Pet Porpoise Pool EntranceWe arrived at the marine park just after the opening time at 9am. We were then able to go and relax and walk around the park before the seal kisses and dolphin kisses just after 9.30am.

The two marine magic presentations occur daily at 10am and 1pm, with an extra show time at 4pm during NSW school holidays. Then approximately 30 minutes prior to each show, it is time for the seal and dolphin kiss for each visitor to the Pet Porpoise Pool. A photo is taken by a professional photographer of each visitor’s kiss, which they have the option to purchase after the show is completed.

Coffs Harbour Pet Porpoise Pool Friendly DolphinSo while Greg and I waited for the kiss we spent most of the time watching the dolphins in the main pool adjacent to the grand stand seating for the show. We were allowed to place our hands flat on the surface of the pool to encourage the dolphins to swim past close to us.

It was fun watching the dolphins swimming around near us and coming up for air right next to us. They are so inquisitive and friendly.

I live on the Gold Coast and have had multiple annual passes to Sea World. My family and I have been hundreds of times to Sea World over the past 35 years, but nothing compares to the interaction and closeness that we enjoyed at the Coffs Pet Porpoise Pool!

Coffs Pet Porpoise Pool Seal KissGreg and I highly recommend this marine attraction to all visitors to the Coffs Harbour area. The interaction that every visitor to the porpoise pool can enjoy is like nothing that we have ever found at Sea World or anywhere else.

We definitely will be back on our next trip to Coffs. The next time we will bring our daughter with us. She would absolutely love it!

In our next post we will return to the Big Banana and see how much fun the toboggans are. Greg and I each had 2 toboggan rides and really enjoyed them. Next time we have the opportunity to do tobogganing again we will definitely have as many rides as we can.

So until then, Remember to Enjoy Life and Enjoy Australian Holidays.

Leanne Annett <><

Old Tasmanian HotelIn just 11 short days Greg, Tehillah and I are off for an 8-day holiday in the gorgeous state of Tassie! I have been busy researching online to find out some of the wonderful things we can do and places we can visit while on our holiday in Tasmania.

None of us have ever been to Tasmania before and so we are excited about this break.

There is one disappointment and that is that my mum will be unable to join us on this trip. When we booked the flights and accommodation a few months ago, mum was also coming with us, but since that time mum has had to go into hospital for surgery on her foot and so can’t make it this trip.

My mum had previously been to Tassie 50 years ago when she was 17 years old and so we had planned to bless mum by taking her back fifty years after you first visit, but this plan will now need to be delayed until mum is well and can travel again.

Historic Richmond Bridge TasmaniaSo with just the three of us going we are planning which car we will hire for our 8-day holiday and finding out which places we will visit.

At this stage we are considering the following places, but this may change as we add in more places or re-plan each day of our trip.

Tasmanian Sites to Visit

  • Historic Port Arthur Convict Ruins
  • Mt Wellington (we are hoping for snow!)
  • Tahune AirWalk
  • Hastings Caves & Thermal Springs
  • Historic Richmond Bridge
  • The Hobart Rivulet Tour – underneath Hobart
  • Cadbury Visitor Centre
  • Cascade Brewery
  • Russell Falls, Mt Field National Park
  • Cradle mountain
  • Lake St Clair National Park
  • Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens, Hobart
  • Port Arthur Cruise

We will be staying at Wyndham Resort at Seven Mile Beach and using this as our base for our daily treks.

Penguin Crossing Road Sign in TasmaniaWe checked with the resort and the swimming pool and outside spa are kept covered until guests want to use them to aid in keeping the heat in. They are also heated. The swimming pool is heated to 24 degree Celsius and the spa is heated to 32 degree Celsius.

So even though the outside temperatures may be 12 degrees or so we should still be able to have a swim and spa. We will just need to be ready for quick dash back to the room for a hot shower once we get out!

As each day goes by the 3 of us are getting more and more excited with the anticipation of our upcoming holiday!

So keep an eye out for any updates as we get closer to the time of our vacation and as we write blog posts after we visit each location.

In the next blog post we will have a look at our second visit to the Coffs Harbour Pet Porpoise Pool when Greg and I went back on another day when it was not raining. We just wanted to compare the two visits to this marine park to see if there was much difference with a fine day or rainy day. So watch out for this post.

Until next time, Remember to Enjoy Life and Enjoy Travelling the World.

Leanne Annett <><

Skating Session Times are shown below.

Coffs Harbour Ice Skating Rink Welcome SignIn the last blog post we talked about how enjoyable and also educational the World of Bananas Experience was.

Well today we are going Skating!

Coffs Harbour Big Banana Ice Skating RinkWhen I was younger, I used to go ice-skating regularly. I loved it and was not too bad. But now with the busyness of life, I have not had a chance to go skating for many years. In fact, when I stop and think about it, it is probably more than 10 years since I skated.

Coffs Big Banana Ice Skating Session TimesThe Coffs Ice-skating rink operates daily with a varying number of sessions depending on the time of year. So in NSW school holidays there are more sessions and on the weekends there are also additional skating sessions.

Friday and Saturday nights are popular times for the young people and youth groups.

When we arrived at the rink, we went in and had our tickets stamped. Then grabbed our correctly sized skates and quickly put them on.

Greg and I were pleased to see that there were not a lot of people when we first went out onto the ice, as we were quite slow at getting around.

Since it has been so long since I skated, I was pleased to find out that they offer a metal skating frame for beginners, or in my case for those beginning again! The frame slides smoothly over the ice and is much like the concept of a walker for elderly people.

I actually found it a good way to regain my confidence so that I could skate without the frame.

Greg & Leanne Annett Ice Skating, Coffs Harbour Big Banana RinkAfter we had been skating for around 15 minutes, a group of high school students arrived with their teacher as part of their sports activity. It was nice watching the youth skate passed me. They reminded me of twenty years ago, when I used to skate comfortably and confidently.

Leanne Annett Ice Skating, Coffs Harbour Big Banana RinkGreg and I enjoyed our time skating. It was something that we do not usually have time or energy for. This made it even more special.

So if you are in the Coffs area then why not go to the Big Banana and find out the daily times that the skating rink will be open.

Skating Session Times:

Monday to Sunday:

During NSW School Terms

  • One Session Daily: 1:00pm to 2:30pm

NSW School Holidays: 2 Sessions

  • 10:30am to 12:00 Noon & 1:00pm to 2:30pm

Friday & Saturday Nights:

In Addition to the Sessions during the day, there is also an evening session.

  • 7pm to 9pm [Great for Youth-groups or Get-togethers]

Next time we will write a blog post about the Toboggans at the Big Banana. Even young children enjoy the toboggan rides down the hill as they sit in front of mum or dad. If you purchase a group of tickets then it works out cheaper and the tickets can be shared among family members or friends.

Until then, Remember to Enjoy Life and Enjoy a fun time at the Big Banana, Coffs Harbour.

Leanne Annett <><

As I mentioned in the last post, Greg and I visited the Big Banana in Coffs Harbour over 3 separate days, during our week visit to the region.

Coffs Big Banana A Bunch of FunThe visit day we got our combined ticket that included the World of Bananas Theatre & Plantation Tour, a 1.5 hour Ice Skating session and 2 Toboggan rides for each of us. It is great that once you have your ticket that you can do each of the specific things on the day that it best suits you.

Coffs Harbour World of Bananas & Plantation TourSo on our first day at the Big Banana we thought that we would do the Educational and fun Plantation Tour and the World of Bananas Experience so that we had a better understanding about the history of bananas themselves and the Big Banana also.

We found the two different theatre presentations to be very informative and enjoyable. The first theatre gave a good history of bananas. It then went on to reveal the history of the Coffs Harbour and Woolgoolga banana industries.

It amazed me to learn how hard those, mostly immigrant, workers worked each day to grow and then harvest the bananas. Without machinery, like we have today, and because of the steep slopes on the hills around the area, the bunches of bananas needed to be carried by hand to the collection points.

Often a bunch of bananas can be anywhere from 25 to 50 kg each. These strong and motivated men designed a frame to go over their shoulders so that they could carry two bunches of bananas at once. This was often around 100kg each time they moved these 2 bunches to the collection point.

The workers repeated this process and moved five or more pairs of bunches each day!

Coffs Big Banana Attracts Tourists December 1964 News ArticleThe second theatre had a special hologram presentation where a hologram man and woman discussed and demonstrated special facts and benefits of bananas.

Sampling a Sweet, Fresh Coffs Harbour BananaWe were really impressed with the presentation and also the information presented. We were even given a Fresh Coffs Harbour Banana to eat at the start of the presentation.

After the second theatre we went outside to begin the self-guided tour of the Big Banana Plantation. This took us up and around paths that run through the banana plants themselves on the side of the hill behind the Big Banana.

It was interesting seeing the different stages of the developing banana fruit on the banana trees. Everything from the very first stages of the flowers, to the tiny baby bananas starting to develop, then the fruit developing and growing in size and finally to the fully developed bunches of bananas, covered with protective plastic sleeves that would soon be harvested.

Coffs Harbour Banana Plantation ToolsAt the end of the self-guided tour you go into a packing shed and watch a video on how the bananas are cut off the large bunches and packed appropriately into the correct sized boxes to be sent to shops all around Australia.

There is then a room where the kids can sit down and colour in various pictures of the Big Banana character doing fun activities.

At the same time the adults can walk around the room and look at the information filled photos, pictures and different displays. You can see all of the varied tools that are used to harvest the bananas and then to carefully cut the hands off from the bunches.

If you are feeling strong then you can try your strength at lifting a bunch of bananas up via a rope and pulley system. I only managed to just move the 25kg bunch off the floor. Greg is obviously stronger than I am and he succeeded in getting the 50kg bunch lifted up.

Coffs Harbour Banana Plantation Tools DescriptionsI can only imagine how the works in past decades lifted two bunches weighing in at approximately 100kg! And then doing this multiple times each day. Wow! They certainly must have developed some strong muscles!

Greg and I found the whole presentation and tour to be very educational and enjoyable.

In our next blog post we will continue at the Big Banana, with Greg and I going to the Coffs Ice Skating rink for one and a half hours of skating fun!

Since my first visit, as a child, to the Big Banana back in 1974, there have been many additional features and things to do added onto this popular destination. There is something for every member of the family, from the youngest child to the more mature family members.

Until next time, Remember to Enjoy Life and Enjoy Travelling to Coffs Harbour.

Leanne Annett <><

Coffs Harbour Shows Banana Types

Last time we talked about our drive from Coffs Harbour down to Frederickton, just north of Kempsey, to enjoy delicious Fredos pies for lunch.

Well today we are back in Coffs and enjoying some fun activities at the Famous Big Banana.



There are so many different things to do at this well known Big Tourist Destination.

Fun Activities at the Big Banana, Coffs

  • World of Bananas Theatre
  • Plantation Tour
  • Ice Skating
  • Tobogganing
  • Water Park
  • Candy Kitchen
  • Sunset Lakes Nursery
  • Puppet People
  • Trike Rides
  • Bungee Trampoline
  • Going Bananas Cafe
  • Big Banana Gift Shop

You could easily spend more than a full day enjoying everything that the Big Banana has to offer. In fact, Greg and I went over three different days and enjoyed much of what is on offer at one of the most well-known “Australia’s Big Things”.

Next time we will continue with more details on our visit and what we did at the Big Banana.

Until then, Remember to Enjoy Life and Enjoy Traveling Australia

Leanne Annett <><