Famous Fredos Pies, 50 Varieties, 6 Minutes AwayAfter spending the morning at the Coffs Butterfly House in Bonville, and enjoying lovely Devonshire scones, jam and cream for morning tea, Greg and I drove south to Frederickton for lunch at Fredos Pies.

Since December 1997 my family and I have stopped in at Fredos Pies on the Macleay Valley Coast, on our many trips from Newcastle, NSW up to the Gold Coast, Qld, to visit family. Often we would drop in both travelling north and on the way back down south.

Fredos Pies Wall Painting & Greg AnnettEven my daughter, who is vegetarian, has always loved the food at Fredos as they have a good range of vegetarian pies, currently consisting of eight different varieties.

Vegetarian Range of Pies at Fredos

  • Spinach and Cheese (My daughter loves this one)
  • Farmhouse Potage
  • Asparagus Cheese and Pasta
  • Cauliflower, Broccoli and Corn
  • Vegetable Mornay
  • Vegetables and Garlic Sauce
  • Curried Vegetable
  • Gonzo Gado (Chickpeas, mild chilli, coconut cream)

Fredos Famous Crocodile Pies at Frederickton, NSWSince we had happy memories of all of our previous visits to Fredos, Greg and I made the decision to drive the 100km south of Coffs Harbour to enjoy some yummy pies at our favourite pie shop! Frederickton is just 5km north of Kempsey and about 1 hour south of Coffs.

Greg was braver than I am and he ordered Fredos famous Crocodile Pie! I was more traditional and ordered a Shepherds Pie with creamy mashed potato on top.

I was surprised when I tasted Greg’s crocodile pie. It tasted similar to chicken. It was a pale colour and did not have an over powering flavour. I was pleased to have tasted it.

There is a wide range of Game and Gourmet pies available. For instance, you can buy the following game pies at Fredos.

Greg Annett Enjoying Famous Crocodile Pie at FredosGame and Gourmet Pies

  • Crocodile
  • Kangaroo
  • Emu
  • Ostrich
  • Quail
  • Camel
  • Rabbit
  • Rabbit Mulligatawny
  • Venison
  • Lambs’ Fry and Bacon
  • Lamb, Mint and Honey
  • Mongolian Lamb
  • Bacon and Egg with Cheese
  • Seafood
  • Curried Prawn and Vegetables
  • Prawn and Vegetables in Garlic Sauce

Nola Turnbull Founder of Fredos Pies FredericktonWhile we were in the shop Greg and I were blessed to chat with Nola Turnbull, the owner and founder of Fredos Pies. Nola set up Fredos back in April 1993. We recorded an interview with Nola. I will be editing this video and hope to have it published on this website in the next week or so.

One question, which I asked Nola in the interview, was “What is the most popular pie purchased at Fredos pies?”

I was actually surprised by the answer. I thought that it would be something different and unusual, but the answer was, “The plain, regular beef pie is still the most popular pie!” So there you go. The good old Aussie beef pie is still the most popular choice for most Aussies!

Nola has also set up Cafe 73 in the shop adjacent to Fredos Pies. Greg and I enjoyed some hot drinks in Cafe 73. Greg had a latte and I had a cappuccino. My cappuccino was absolutely delicious. Often I find coffee at some cafes to be too bitter, since I do not add sugar to my coffee, but this cappuccino had a lovely flavour and taste.

Greg & Leanne Annett at Fredos Pies, Frederickton

Not only would we highly recommend Fredos Pies to anyone travelling along the Eastern coast of NSW, in the Kempsey to Coffs Harbour region, but also recommend Cafe 73 for great tasting coffees.

In our next post we are going to show you the great time that we had at the Big Banana in Coffs Harbour. We enjoyed being educated with the World of Bananas Theatre and the Plantation Tour. Then the following day Greg and I spent an hour a half at the Big Banana Ice Skating Rink. We then went and each had two rides on the Big Banana Toboggan.

So until next time, enjoy life and enjoy travelling the world

Leanne Annett <><

Fredos Pies Travellers Guide, Frederickton Near Kempsey, NSW

Large Grass Yellow Butterflies at Coffs Butterfly HouseToday we are continuing with our article on the various butterflies that we saw and photographed on our visit last week to the Coffs Harbour Butterfly House in Bonville, NSW.

Have a look at some butterflies and information on their life cycle at the Coffs Butterfly House website.

Hanging off some long grass-type leaves was a pair of Large Grass Yellow butterflies mating. They stayed in this same position without moving for some time.

The Large Grass Yellow butterflies are coloured a bright yellow, as their name suggests, with black flecks across their wings and dark margins at the top edges. They are found naturally in Northern Australia and have a wing span of up to 4cm.

Orange Lacewing Butterfly at Coffs Butterfly HouseThe Orange Lacewing butterfly was another one that we had the pleasure of capturing in a photo. We found one when it was sitting with its wings closed on a red piece of wood in the enclosure.

The pattern on the outside or underside of the wings is almost like the markings on a tiger. It is a beautiful pattern made up of orange, black and white in very distinctive markings.

The edges of the wings are made up of a rippled effect that is absolutely gorgeous when you get to see it up close. Have a look at the image here to see what I mean.

The last butterfly that we took photos of is the Australian Lurcher. Again the male and female have their own individual patterns and markings, with the overall colours being bright orange and brown.

Male Australian Lurcher Butterfly at Coffs Butterfly HouseThe image that we have here is of a male Australian Lurcher.

The Australian Lurcher is visible all year round and can be found in the Northern Territory and also in the islands in Torres Strait. This is another butterfly that was happy to land on our heads or body.

You can see by the images above that we had a wonderful time viewing and interacting with many different butterflies in the walk-through enclosure. There are many more butterfly species that we also saw, but did not capture in photos.

We highly recommend for anyone coming to the Coffs Harbour area in Mid-North Coast region of New South Wales to check out the Coffs Butterfly House. Children love to see these beautiful and colourful insects flying around them and hence families often visit the butterfly house.

Female Varied Eggfly Butterfly on Leanne's ArmPersonally, I find it very relaxing just hanging out, sitting on one of the benches inside the glasshouse and enjoying watching the butterflies flying around and even landing on us or next to us on the seat.

We will be writing more articles about our trip to the Coffs Butterfly House in the coming weeks, but for now we are going to travel about an hour south and have a lovely lunch at Fredos pies in Frederickton, just 5km north of Kempsey.

We look forward to continuing to share with you all about our Coffs Harbour holiday over the next few days.

Until then, Remember to Enjoy Life and Enjoy your Travels.

Leanne Annett

Varied Eggfly Butterfly on Greg's Head at Coffs Harbour Butterfly HouseIn our last blog post we talked about our visit to the Coffs Harbour Butterfly House in Bonville, NSW. Today we want to show you some of the many different species of butterflies that Greg and I saw and photographed.

You can find out more about which butterfly species live at the Coffs Butterfly house at their website.

There were literally hundreds of butterflies flying around the glasshouse, yet some species landed near us and we were able to photograph them. There are paths that lead around the glass enclosure and wooden benches to sit down, relax and enjoy the sites.

One of the first butterflies, which we saw when we entered the glasshouse, was the brightly coloured, metallic-blue Ulysses. This gorgeous creature is found naturally in Northern Queensland, in coastal subtropical rain-forests. It is best viewed from February to May and can have a wing span up to 10cm.

Ulysses Butterfly from Coastal Northern QueenslandGreg was fortunate enough to have one of these lovely, glistening, blue butterflies land upon his hand. In is so lovely to just have them come and sit upon you.

You may notice a slight deformity in the wings. That is because when this Ulysses came out of his Chrysalis he did not straighten out his wings as they dried. Hence they have dried with this deformity. This may reduce this butterflies life, as it will be more difficult to fly with wings like this.

Ulysses Butterfly with Closed WingsWe were also blessed to see another one sitting on a leave in a tree and took a photo of it with its wings closed together. When the Ulysses butterfly lands somewhere it is most common for it to keep its wings together so that its shiny blue colour is not seen. This means that it is more difficult to tell that it is indeed a Ulysses. In this image you can tell that the species is indeed Ulysses by the distinct outline of the wings.

Female Varied Eggfly Butterfly at Coffs Butterfly HouseOne of the butterflies that landed on us most often was the Varied Eggfly also known as the Common Eggfly. The female and male have their own distinctive colouring and patterns. The female varied eggfly butterfly has larger wings than the male with an orange spot on each wing as well as white spots. The male common eggfly has white spots with a violet tinge around the white dots.

Male Varied Eggfly Butterfly at Coffs Butterfly HouseIt is interesting to note that as the butterflies get older they wings become more tattered looking. Often sections of the wings are broken off due to the fighting that occurs between different butterflies. I used to think that when they flew after each other they were just playing together, but apparently they can actually attack each other and fight. This was something that I was previously unaware of.

Female Cairns Birdwing, Australia's Biggest ButterflyThe largest Australian butterfly, the Cairns Birdwing, is also well represented at the Coffs Butterfly House. They are everywhere and love to come and land right next to the visitors. As with many other species of this delightful insect, the Cairns Birdwings also have distinct patterns on the male and female butterfly.

When the wings are closed on the Cairns birdwing you can easily tell if it is a female or male. They both have a lovely, bright red colour around their head, although the female usually has a larger red area. They also both have a brightly yellow coloured abdomen section, which makes them easy to distinguish from other species.

Male Cairns Birdwing, Australia's Biggest ButterflyThe male’s wings have more colours on than the female. Whereas the female just has yellow and white flecks on the outside of her wings, the male has a large section that is green and yellow, forming a delightful pattern.

We also saw the orange coloured Cruiser butterfly, which feeds on Passionfruit vines and can be found naturally in Tropical Northern   Queensland in rainforest environments. The cruiser is best viewed from February to May each year and has a wingspan up to 8cm.

Orange Cruiser Butterfly at Coffs Butterfly HouseWe are going to leave this blog post here and continue tomorrow with part 2 of our visit to the Coffs Butterfly House and the many different, beautiful butterflies that we saw on our visit.

We really enjoyed our trip to Coffs Harbour. There were so many fun things that we did. Just kicking back and relaxing was so refreshing.

We encourage you to stop for a moment, look around you and take a breath. Life can rush past too quickly if we don’t take time to enjoy it!

So perhaps you too can plan a trip either locally or further afield and enjoying travelling the world!

Until tomorrow,

Leanne <><

Coffs Harbour Butterfly House Bonville, UlyssesLast year in August, Greg and I were in Coffs Harbour with Leanne’s mum. On this last visit we also went to the Butterfly house in Bonville. So we were excited to come back again for another visit this time.

The butterfly house is located in Bonville and is only a short drive south of Coffs Harbour. It takes approximately 15 minutes by car from Coffs.

Coffs Harbour Butterfly House, Maze, Tea-Rooms BonvilleThere are three main features that the Coffs Butterfly House offers to its guests. These are the butterfly glasshouse itself, the Wooden Maze complete with a fun questionnaire and then an outdoor, garden-setting cafe where you can order morning or afternoon tea or light lunches.

Last August we enjoyed a lovely morning tea, which comprised of scones, jam & cream as part of the Devonshire tea and a hot drink. The homemade scones were some of the very best that we had ever enjoyed so it was with delight that we looked forward to a Devonshire tea again on this vacation.

Coffs Harbour Butterfly House, Australian ButterfliesGreg and I purchased our tickets and then went straight into the butterfly house to start enjoying the butterflies. There is always a guide inside the glasshouse who is happy to explain all about butterflies and to answer any questions that visitors may have.

There are many different species of Australian butterflies that happily fly around this subtropical rainforest setting. Visitors are free to walk around the paths inside the glass-house and to view the hundreds of different coloured butterflies.

It is important to keep alert and watch out for any butterflies that may be resting on the path, so that they are not stepped on and squashed.

Greg was blessed to have multiple butterflies over the hours that we were there land on his head and arms.

Leanne had one butterfly land on her arm and it stayed there for around 5 minutes. This butterfly could have been drinking the perspiration that was on Leanne’s arm as they find sweat sweet to the taste and enjoy drinking it, according to the guide.

It is a lovely experience walking among the hundreds of live butterflies in many varied colours and patterns. It is even more exciting when they decide to land and have a rest on our heads, arms or bodies.

We love watching the butterflies and highly recommend the Butterfly House to anyone planning a vacation to the Coffs Harbour region of the Mid-North Coast of NSW.

In our next post we will take a look at some of the individual butterflies that we saw first-hand on our visit to this well-loved and enjoyed holiday destination.

Until then, remember to enjoy life and enjoy travelling the world, no matter which part of the world you are in.

Leanne <><

Seal Kiss at Pet Porpoise Pool, Coffs HarbourOn our first day in Coffs Harbour we planned to go to the Pet Porpoise Pool. We woke up to find it pouring rain with no sign of any blue sky or any break in the weather coming.

Greg and I decided to still drive down to the Pet Porpoise Pool to see if we could still enjoy it even with all of the rain. When we arrived the rain was still not letting up, but we went inside to enjoy the seals and dolphins.

Dolphin Kiss at Pet Porpoise Pool, Coffs HarbourWe were pleasantly surprised to see how this Marine Park is perfectly set up for visitors to enjoy the animals no matter what the weather is doing. It is officially a Wet Weather Friendly Tourist Destination!

There are covered walkways all of the way from the entrance up to the back of the park where the seating area is for the marine magic presentations that are shown twice a day during most of the year at 10am and 1pm. During NSW school holidays there is an additional show later in the afternoon at 4pm.

Hand Feeding Fairy Penguins at Pet Porpoise Pool, CoffsGreg and I were still able to enjoy the Dolphin and Seal Marine Magic Presentations with the awning above the seating area so that the rain didn’t make us wet. The Seals and dolphins were not affected by the weather in the slightest.

Before the show we each received a kiss from the seal under a covered area to the side of the park. Then we went over to the dolphin pool and got a dolphin kiss right on the cheek.

After the show we went to feed the small penguins also known as fairy penguins. It was so much fun! I have never been so close to penguins. To be able to feed them little fish by hand was a wonderful experience that I will never forget.

So no matter what the weather may be, don’t let the rain stop you from enjoying your visit to the Pet Porpoise pool.

Coffs has so many different things for you to do that there are fun activities for all of the family for any Coffs Harbour holiday.

Next time we will talk about our visit to the Butterfly House at Bonville just 15 minutes south of Coffs Harbour.

Until then, Enjoy Life and Enjoy the World around you!

Leanne <><