After buying our tickets at the Hastings Cave Visitor Centre we drove the 5 km down the gravel road to the cave parking area.

We then enjoyed a lovely walk through the beautiful Tasmanian forest to the entrance of the Newdegate cave. There were lots of ferns of all varieties and sizes.

Hastings Thermal Springs & Cave Prices (Oct 2012)

Thermal Springs Pool Only Newdegate Cave & Thermal Pool
Adult $5.00 $24.00
Child (5-17 Years Inclusive) $12.00 $2.50
Child (Under 5 Years) Free Free
Pensioner / Senior $4.00 $19.20
Health Care Cards $4.00 $19.20
Family Pass (2 Adults + 3 Kids) $12.00 $60.00


A group of people were gathering there and so we all waited for the tour guide to arrive. He began by telling us that there were 245 steps inside the cave. The stairs are all of varying heights so care must be taken when walking up and down the stairs in the cave.

There are multiple caves around this part of Tasmania Southern Forests, but the Newdegate cave is the one open to the public. In fact it is one of the most visited public caves in Australia.

The entrance to the cave, that is still used today, was found back in 1917 by a group of timber workers.

Then in 1919 the entire hillside was made into a cave reserve and in 1939 it was opened to the general public. Since that time it has seen many thousands of visitors and tourists through its entrance.

The rock inside the cave is dolomite.

Water comes into the cave and drips from above when it rains outside. Then if it rains up in the mountains the water flows down Mystery Creek and into the Hastings cave.

Newdegate Hastings Cave Southern Forests Tasmania

In the cave there were many different stalactites and stalagmites. We were not allowed to touch them, as they would become damaged.

There was one section in the cave though where there was a large flat stalagmite that we were able to touch as we walked passed. It was smooth and very cold to the touch.

Greg, Tehillah and I all enjoyed the tour walking through the cave. It was really interesting seeing all of the varied structures and shapes and sizes.

The colours when the tour guides torch was shone through some of the stalagmite and stalactites were truly beautiful.

At the entrance of the cave the guide showed us a few Tasmanian crickets that live just inside the cave entry. There was also a Tasmanian cave spider at the cave entrance too. The guide said that the spiders live all throughout the cave.


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Hastings Newdegate Cave Aerial View:

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Our next blog post will take us back down the dirt road to the Visitor centre for a swim and relax in the Hastings thermal spring pool.

Until then, Remember to Enjoy Life and Enjoy a Fun Tasmanian Holiday!

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Tiger Airways Are Back In The AirTiger airlines flew their first flight today after the grounding by CASA back on July 1st.

There were just a couple dozen people flying today from Melbourne to Sydney. Tiger says that they are easing back into the market slowly with flights between Sydney and Melbourne.

One passenger said, “Let’s give them a go. That’s what Aussies do. So give them a go!”

It will be interesting to see over the coming weeks how things go for Tiger Airways.

But I guess that even though we were personally affected by Tiger and missed out on seeing family in Melbourne due to the flights suspension, I cannot fault passengers going for the cheaper flights.

Especially during the difficult financial times that many are having at the moment, when every dollar counts! There are sure to be many people who will forget, and even forgive Tiger, and fly with them.

I am not sure if we will fly Tiger again, after the pain they caused to us and our family in Melbourne, after weeks of anticipation and looking forward to seeing each other after many years! Is it worth the risk of having your flight suspended and your plans cancelled?

I just hope that every flight that Tiger Airways flies will be safe for its staff and passengers!

We awoke Sunday morning on our third day in Tassie to another gorgeous sunrise! We certainly were blessed with the weather each day.

We packed up everything for 2-day adventure trip and set off from Wyndham, Seven Mile Beach to drive across the south west of Tasmania.

You can watch this video to see some of our trip, starting with the lovely sunrise and then heading off over the Tasman Bridge over the Derwent River and on towards Geeveston and Hastings.

The view of Mt Wellington was nice and clear as we drove over the Derwent, unlike yesterday when it was up in the clouds.

Hobart To Hastings Aerial View:

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We continued through Hobart, down Davey St and on towards the Huon Valley. We made a short stop at the Casino and Entertainment centre for quick look.

Rainbow Behind Hobart Casino Above Mt WellingtonIt was really lovely seeing the reflections of all of the boats moored next to the casino. We also had a great view from a different angle of the Tasman Bridge over the Derwent again.

Road Sign From Hobart to Geeveston & Dover, TasmaniaAfter we had taken some nice photos here we were about to set off when we saw a beautiful rainbow starting on Mt Wellington and then arching up into the sky towards the direction that we were headed. It was like a sign that God was going before us to bless us with a wonderful day.

We continued on and drove through Huonville, Geeveston and Dover. We even veered a little off track to check out the small seaside town of Southport, since we are from the Gold Coast and also have a Southport.

Along the way we went past a group of twenty or so kayaks heading south westerly down the Huon River. They were really paddling hard and moving at a good speed. You can see them in the video above and the photo below.

Kayakers Kayaking Along Huon River Near HuonvilleThen around noon we headed off down the dirt road into the Southern Forest of Tasmania towards Hastings.

In our next post we will get out tickets and head off for our tour of the Newdegate cave at Hastings.

So until then, Remember to Enjoy Life and Enjoy a Drive in the Country!

Leanne Annett <><

We relaxed as we walked along the trail from the parking area towards Sphinx Rock on Mt Wellington near Hobart, Tasmania. It took us close to 40 minutes as opposed to the 20 minutes shown on the sign at the start of the trail.

Mt Wellington Aerial View:

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We were surprised when we came close to the rock to see that a childproof gate has been installed to stop kids from running ahead and plummeting off Sphinx rock as there are no guardrails around the rock.

The gate is just like a swimming pool gate and so will stop children from rushing ahead of their parents. A great idea, in my opinion as the rock can be dangerous if care is not taken.

View from Sphinx Rock, Mt WellingtonBlack Currawong Birds on Sphinx Rock, Mt WellingtonWe were blown away with the glorious view that welcomed us as we came around the final part of the track to the rock. The view was so clear of the city and suburbs of Hobart down below with the Derwent River flowing along under the Tasman Highway Bridge.

The Tasman Bridge, the Hobart Casino and other landmarks were all clearly visible while standing on the rock.

After about 5 minutes of taking in the lovely view and getting some great photos and video shots we were surprised by the black currawong birds that began to fly around us.

When the first bird swooped in about a meter from Tehillah’s head only to land on a dead tree trunk a few metres from us, we were actually startled and wondered what the black thing was that came so close to us!

We relaxed when we saw that it was just a currawong. Then we noticed that more and more currawongs began to appear.

It reminded us of the Alfred Hitchcock movie, “The Birds” as we began to be surrounded by these black birds with bright, almost glowing, orange, yellow eyes.

After a while we realized that other visitors to the mountain must have fed the currawongs in the past. The birds were just being friendly and looking for a feed.

Friendly Black Currawong Birds on Sphinx Rock, HobartWe got some lovely photos and really enjoyed our time on the rock.

Another great feature of the view from the Sphinx Rock is that you can look down on Hobart and the Derwent, but you can also look up at the Pinnacle and the tower at the top of Mt Wellington. It is pretty awesome. Sometimes even with clouds hovering around the tower on the pinnacle. Fantastic views both in the up and down directions!

We found that the walk back was only 20 minutes as we already had stopped on the way in for the photos and to enjoy the landscape and view.

In our next blog post we will start with our trip from Wyndham Seven Mile Beach, through Hobart over the Tasman Bridge and then heading southeast towards the Huon Valley.

Until then, Remember to Enjoy Life and Enjoy a Walk in a National Park!

Leanne Annett <><

There seem to be many people still searching each day on how they can receive their refund! I have hence created this short video showing you procedures that you can go through to assist in your own refund application procedure.

Tiger was initially grounded on 2nd July 2011. My family was all due to fly that morning on Tiger and so we were devastated when we heard on the news that morning at 6am that Tiger had been grounded by CASA, the Civil Aviation Safety Authority here in Australia.

We had additional costs of other flights, an additional night’s accommodation and car hire for an extra day. At the same time we wondered if we would even receive the refund from Tiger.

We did ask Tiger for these additional costs to also be reimbursed, but we never even heard back from them.

No correspondence or other emails, apart from the one 4 days after our cancelled flights saying that our flight was cancelled (4 days earlier!), was received from Tiger Airlines.

The way that we found out that we had indeed received our Tiger Airways refund was when I checked my credit card statement a month after the cancelled flight date and found that 21 days after the cancellation we did indeed receive the refund back onto the credit card that we initially used to purchase the tickets.

I hope that this video is helpful in showing you how to contact Tiger to get into the queue to receive your own refund.

I wish you every success and hope that you receive your refund soon! Please feel free to leave your comments below about your own experiences with Tiger and also about receiving (or not receiving) your refund.

Until next time, Remember to Enjoy Life and Enjoy Fun Australian Holidays!

Leanne Annett <><